‘1000 LB Sisters’ Amy Slaton-Halterman Shows Off Drastic Weight Loss — See The Picture!

‘1000 LB Sisters’ star Amy Slaton-Halterman has lost ton of weight and she decided to share a picture to prove her unbelievable success!

The reality star shared a photo of herself from last year, alongside one from after the new year. “Me in 2019 vs me in 2020” Amy captioned the photo.

You Have To See It!

Check Out The Weight Loss!

As you can see…there is an obvious difference in her face, and fans are letting her know how great it is! “Gorgeous all the way, keep it up!” a fan posted.

“Good job! I can totally see the difference,” one person said. “Your face is so much slimmer!!! you’re so beautiful.”

Another added, “Looking so good your doing such an AMAZING job keep up the good work💯”

She Looks Like A Whole Different Person

One fan of the show even said, “You look like a whole different person!! ”

As we reported, Amy is starring with her sister Tammy in a new reality show on TLC about their lives and struggles with weight. In promos for the show, it seems the sisters may have bariatric surgery. It’s unclear if this is the result of the surgery.

We will all just have to watch the show to find out! Looks like she is doing good so far…

Fans are showing major love for the sister’s on Twitter, “I just watched your show for the first time yesterday because I didn’t know you had one really good luck in your weight loss fight,” read on tweet.

“I’ve just caught up with episode 2, you’re so funny and sweet. I’ve really enjoyed seeing a different side of you other than youtube. I wish u nothing but the best. I believe in u, Wishing you both the best!” someone added.

Amy and Tammy are both pumped on the newfound fame, posting photos and videos of themselves on the front page of their local newspaper. The sisters were featured in the Webster County, Kentucky newspaper ‘The Journal-Enterprise’ today after their new reality show aired.

Tammy held up the newspaper in a Twitter video, saying, “We made front page!” “That’s me…that’s Amy!”