’90 Day Fiance’ spoilers: Are Lisa and Usman still together? Did the ’90 Day Fiance’ couple get married or not?

90 Day Fiance star Usman has been shown being unsure if he wants to marry Lisa Hamme because of her controlling ways on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, so how did the couple’s relationship turn out? Did the 90 Day Fiance couple ever get married and are they still together now?

[90 Day Fiance Spoilers Warning: This report contains spoilers that reveal if Lisa and Usman are still together and whether the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couple got married].

Lisa, a 52-year-old hospice caregiver from York, PA, and Usman “SojaBoy,” a 30-year-old rapper from Nigeria, currently star on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ fourth season, which premiered in February on TLC.

Lisa, who previously divorced an unfaithful and verbally-abusive man, said leaving the marriage was the best thing for her and her 15-year-old daughter, whom Lisa said she worked hard to support financially.

Lisa said Usman, an entertainer in Nigeria who has over 20,000 followers on Instagram, had contacted her on Facebook two years prior to when filming started and they videochatted immediately so Usman could prove he wasn’t a catfish.

Lisa didn’t understand why a Nigerian celebrity would be interested in her, but a love song he had allegedly written for Lisa confirmed his feelings for her, at least in Lisa’s mind.

Lisa fell quickly for Usman, and so she planned a trip to Nigeria — her first trip out of the United States — so they could meet face to face.

Although their relationship was supposedly built on trust, Lisa had an issue with the “thirsty” women who followed him on social media.

Lisa didn’t like women constantly reaching out to and calling Usman. She therefore asked him to tighten up his social-media profiles after seeing some flirty comments had been left by fans, such as heart emojis.

“I just have to try to tolerate her,” Usman said in a confessional, before telling his pals he had already decided to be with Lisa forever and always.

Lisa and Usman were already engaged, so they planned to wed during her stay in Nigeria and then apply for a spousal visa so Usman could move to the United States.

Lisa was warned Usman would tell her anything she wanted to hear in order to come to America and receive a Green Card. After all, Usman admitted to cameras his dream was to become the king of hip-hop and R&B in America.

But Lisa believed otherwise and thought this was her opportunity to experience a love like never before.

“If my life is one week [or] one month with this man, I’ve lived a full life,” Lisa told her friends before she left America.

Lisa’s friends were worried about her safety in Nigeria and being kidnapped or something along those lines.

But Lisa gushed, “If I die in Nigeria, I’ll die a happy woman because I’ll be with the man I love… He’s absolutely the man of my dreams. If this is a scam, it’s going to break my heart and I will not recover from it.”

Lisa and Usman then finally met in a Nigerian airport, and Lisa was introduced to Usman’s two roommates. Usman’s friends were shocked he was dating such an older woman.

Usman told the cameras he was “in heaven” and in “paradise” holding his love, and Lisa expressed how Usman was even more handsome in person. She called him “so damn hot.”

But Usman admitted Lisa had “a bit more belly” than he was expecting. He said he would’ve liked her to have a bigger chest with a little waist and big hips, but he said Lisa had a big heart and that’s what mattered most.

Once Lisa and Usman made it to the hotel, a producer asked Usman if he was looking forward to having sex with Lisa for the first time.

“Umm, despite the fact she’s not the kind of woman I am attracted to, she still has the lady’s part and I still have the guy’s part, so it’s going to be cook — groovy, cruising. Oh my God!” Usman replied.

When Lisa and Usman woke up next to each other for the first time in Nigeria after “making love,” Lisa admitted there was “a big cultural difference” — “American vs. Nigerian.”

Lisa explained she had to teach Usman how to have oral sex because he didn’t even know what it was. Meanwhile, Usman said Lisa was “70 percent good” in bed out of the 100 percent he had been expecting, but he noted that was good enough for him.

Lisa confirmed she and Usman had decided against using a condom and it was his first time having unprotected sex. Usman told Lisa he “loved it” without protection.

On the drive over to Kaduna, a big city in Nigeria where Usman actually lived and worked in the music industry, Lisa didn’t appreciate people blowing up Usman’s phone all the time.

Usman pointed out Lisa was “very jealous” and “even more controlling in person.” He claimed he didn’t even know who was calling him at one point.

Usman spoke to his friends about how he needed to address Lisa’s attitude because he didn’t want her to do anything that might jeopardize his career or relationship with co-workers.

For instance, Lisa hated that Usman used a young female model in the music video for the song he had written for her, and she didn’t like the video director as a result.

However, Usman chose to edit out the model in order to please Lisa, which frustrated the people he had been working with. The video changed so much from the original that the director didn’t even want credit for it anymore.

“Changing my video could be bad for my career. I wish Lisa could understand what I sacrifice for her,” Usman said in a confessional.

Usman then introduced Lisa to his friend Abba, who is also in the entertainment industry in Nigeria. Usman hoped this gathering would help Lisa to understand his career and passion better.

Abba insisted having female fans is good for a singer’s career and so Lisa scaring them off wasn’t ideal. Abba told Lisa she was causing problems and a singer cannot disappoint his or her fans if he wants to be successful.

“Are you trying to destroy his music career?” Abba asked.

“That is an insult,” Lisa replied, before threatening to leave the gathering. “This guy is an idiot.”

Abba thought Lisa was being “too jealous” and that Usman deserved more from a life partner.

Usman laughed at what Abba had to say, and so Lisa felt very disrespected by her fiance.

Lisa thought Usman should have stood up for her, but Usman didn’t think Lisa should behave like that in Nigeria and felt “very embarrassed.”

But Usman felt bad for hurting Lisa and regretted pissing her off, so he apologized for his actions, saying he would never let it happen again.

Lisa said she defended Usman at all times and she deserved that same treatment in return.

Lisa told Usman that she didn’t want Abba to attend his video premiere party, and Usman said ideally, he would marry Lisa, have children with her and “maintain that status [of] superstar” in the United States. So he was willing to do whatever it took to make her happy.

Later on, Usman and Lisa headed to the world-premiere party for the song Usman had written for her. Usman was very worried how Lisa was going to act around his female friends, and he was nervous how people would respond to his music video given the model had been edited out.

Once at the club, Lisa noticed Usman’s fans were following him around and taking photos of him “like love-sick puppies.” Lisa said if anyone stepped over the line, there would be an issue in the club that night.

Lisa seemed to really enjoy watching Usman perform, and Usman said his music was for her. Usman then released his music video, and it said on the big screen at the end it was dedicated to Lisa, his fiancee.

Usman’s fans didn’t react well to the music video, and one girl gave it a thumbs-down. After the video played, there was no cheering or applause. The crowd also didn’t seem to respect or appreciate the fact Usman was engaged to an older white woman from the United States.

Usman was very impressed with how Lisa behaved that night around his fans, but he could tell the music video wasn’t well-received. Usman was afraid his music career was slipping through his fingers.

The next day, Lisa and Usman flew to Sokoto to visit with his mother, whom Lisa needed approval from in order to marry her son. When the pair got settled into a hotel room, Lisa was horrified by the conditions and complained in front of Usman’s friend Omar, who didn’t like how Lisa spoke to her fiance.

Usman said Lisa liked to be in control, but Omar said in the Islamic religion, the man is supposed to have control over his wife.

In the latest episode of the series, Lisa was supposed to meet Usman’s mother, but Usman suddenly disappeared after he told his fiancee he was going to walk a friend to his car and say goodbye.

Lisa wasn’t okay with Usman leaving her alone in a foreign country, but he said it wasn’t okay for him to apologize to her day and night for things.

“You are not a god,” Usman said. “You are not up to 10 days in Nigeria and how many times have I said, ‘I’m sorry?’ I can’t even count.”

Lisa told Usman not to be a “drama queen,” but he wasn’t about to let Lisa control his life.

Usman thought it was ridiculous Lisa got mad at him for just escorting his friend out of the hotel, and he told Lisa they had a serious problem.

“I guarantee you tomorrow we’ll have [another] problem. I cannot live in that kind of life,” Usman told Lisa.

“Because it’s better to live in prison… I can’t put myself in prison just to make you happy all the time. If this is how you want me to be, then I think it’s better for you to just go your way and let me go my way.”

Usman said in a confessional he had been complying with Lisa and finally had enough. Usman was ready to make a decision about the future of his relationship, and he wasn’t sure his future included Lisa being his wife.

“If this is how it’s going to continue, we don’t need to get married,” Usman told the cameras.

After their big fight, Usman took off for a while and wouldn’t speak to Lisa. He said Lisa was bossier than he had ever expected. He dreamed of being a famous musician in the United States, but he didn’t want to sacrifice too much just to make his dream come true.

Lisa felt everything she did for Usman wasn’t enough, and she insisted no one is perfect and Usman had to make up his mind about her quickly.

Usman told Lisa that he never insulted her for two years and he had so much respect for her but he worried about how she would treat him in the United States when he’d have no family or friends to run to.

Lisa called her stay “very stressful,” but Usman was scared to move to America because of how Lisa had been acting.

Lisa said her behavior was a result of not sleeping well and being in a foreign country, so she asked Usman for another chance and to move on with the next chapter of their life together.

“I love Lisa and I want to make her happy, but if we get married, we need a plan to fix our problems,” Usman said in a confessional.

Lisa had taken a risk for love and feared returning to America alone. She said the breakup would destroy the both of them.

So are Lisa and Usman still together? Did the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couple get married?
Based on posts Lisa has made on Facebook, she and Usman reportedly began dating in June 2018.

They reportedly got married during Lisa’s stay in Nigeria.

Photos of what appeared to be Lisa and Usman’s wedding ceremony leaked online last year by Starcasm, and it appears they tied the knot on August 30, 2019.

One picture appeared to show the couple holding their Nigerian marriage certificate.

Lisa reportedly chose not to wear any makeup on her wedding day at Usman’s request, and Lisa changed her name to Usman’s mother’s name when she got married.

Lisa also reportedly converted to a different religion.

Usman shared a post on Facebook in December 2019 that showed a screenshot of a text message Lisa had sent him in which she talked about converting to Islam, Starcasm reported.

“Wasn’t for your mom or anyone in our lives, not even you,” Lisa allegedly wrote, “this was a decision that I made for myself.”

Lisa reportedly received her fair share of backlash on social media after revealing she’s married to Usman, and some people are claiming Usman has cheated on her. But it doesn’t seem to phase the feisty Lisa!

When one fan reportedly wrote to Lisa, “I wish you were faithful tho,” she reportedly replied, “What do you mean my husband is faithful to me. Keep moving.”

Lisa then went off at the online troll and, according to Starcasm, wrote, “She is a typical Nigerian b*tch an ppl from my husband area wonder why he married a WHITE AMERICAN WOMAN. FACT STANDS I AM A GOOD WOMAN SO LET MY HATERS COME @USMAN SERIOUSLY ILL F**KING MAKE HER CRY.”

The commenter continued to allege Usman had been “f-cking around” on her, advising Lisa to get checked for sexual transmitted diseases.

“Jealous much b*tch? Get in line to kiss my white a**,” Lisa reportedly responded.

“You mad bc I married Usman Sojaboy no wonder Nigerian men are choosing to marry anyone but a Nigerian woman like you.”

While reports have surfaced Lisa and Usman split and got divorced some time after their wedding, Lisa just posted a collage of photos of Usman and herself on March 20 on Facebook.

She also posted a message to fans about staying strong during difficult times on April 1 amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and her location was tagged as Kaduna, Nigeria, implying she’s either visiting Usman or living with him in Nigeria.