’90 Day Fiance’ star Nicole Nafziger teases exciting trip leaving fans speculating she’s visiting Azan Tefou

90 Day Fiance star Nicole Nafziger has teased an upcoming exciting trip on Instagram, and many fans are speculating she’s going to visit her fiance Azan Tefou.

“Bed hair don’t care. Do you have any trips/vacation coming? Where are you going? I have a trip coming up and I’m so excited,” Nicole, 26, captioned a selfie on Thursday.

Comments from fans poured in, with some guessing she’s heading to visit Azan in Morocco.

“If it has anything to do with Azan, not to be rude but it will get canceled last minute by him unless you decide to go alone… hope it works [though],” one follower wrote to Nicole.

Nicole and Azan’s relationship — if the couple is even still together — has been flying under the radar in recent months.

In November 2019, RadarOnline reported it had been two years since the couple last saw each other.

“They still talk occasionally, but there have been a lot of fights between them on the phone,” a source said. “The family is surprised they’re still together.”

The source also insisted Nicole and Azan had “no plans for a wedding.”

“He can’t get a visa,” the source explained to the website. “She’s talked about going back to Morocco, but she doesn’t have money. She has to save.”

Nicole and Azan met on a mobile dating app years ago when she was 21 years old and living in Bradenton, FL. Azan was 23 years old and from Agadir, Morocco, at the time.

Nicole and Azan got their start on reality TV by starring on Season 4 of the original 90 Day Fiance series, followed by Season 5 of the series.

That later led into an appearance on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and then Season 4.

Nicole and Azan’s initial wedding plans in Morocco in 2018 fell through due to alleged time and financial constraints.

At the time, Azan seemed to convince Nicole to invest $6,000 of her wedding money into opening a beauty store instead, while he planned to contribute $500 to the overall cost.

It’s unclear whether that store was a real possibility or will ever actually open considering both Nicole and Azan have made different claims in recent months.

Nicole therefore returned to the U.S. but flew back to Morocco in 2019, when she thought a wedding would be “highly likely.” But the trip got canceled just two weeks later. (Prior to Nicole’s Morocco plans falling through, Azan had also canceled the pair’s vacation to Grenada due to an alleged “family emergency.”)

Nicole never disclosed the reasons behind canceling her latest trip to Morocco, but the frustration and disappointment all over her face on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? pointed to Azan being the decision-maker.

During the Tell-All special for the spinoff’s fourth season, Nicole announced her trip to Morocco didn’t happen “because sometimes, things are just personal.”

In August 2019, a source told In Touch Weekly that Nicole was getting her life “back on track” with a new job as a barista at Starbucks and an apartment of her own. Nicole had also enrolled May, now 5, in kindergarten.

And the following month, Nicole reportedly revealed on social media she and Azan decided to stop filming for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and were leaving the series.

“They’re tired of being harassed,” the source told the website. “It was Nicole’s decision. They have no intention right now of going back on the program.”

Around that same time, however, Nicole insisted on Instagram she and Azan were “still together happily,” although they had no immediate plans to marry.