Amber Rose Labeled ‘Ignorant’ Over Mariah Carey Race Comment

Amber Rose was excited to meet Mariah Carey at her Vegas show but her enthusiasm backfired when she caught heat for commenting on the singer’s race. Fans are labeling Amber Rose “ignorant” over the caption she wrote on the photo of the duo’s meet-and-greet. It all happened when the social media influencer posted their backstage snap on Instagram Thursday. Posing with the Grammy-winning singer after Mariah Carey’s residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, Amber Rose was seen smiling big alongside the superstar but her caption about the singer’s ethnicity left a sour taste in her followers’ mouths.

Amber Rose attempted to show unity with the female powerhouse by comparing the two and casually joking about them both being “multiracial.” Keeping it casual in tight jeans and an orange vintage Playboy tee, Amber Rose showcased her post-baby body by tucking in her shirt. The star’s brand new tattoo reading her son’s names was proudly displayed across her forehead while she leaned into the “Infinity” superstar during one of her last “The Butterfly Returns” residency shows at The Colosseum. The duo seemed like old friends as they posed together for cameras but Amber Rose included a caption that has left many fans shaking their heads.

What She Said:

“When you’re both light skinned, bright skinned multiracial goddesses but one is talented and the other one is a hoe,” Amber Rose wrote on the photo. “@mariahcarey Love you MiMi! Last night was Amazing!” she added. While some fans were all for the “realness” of Amber Rose’s caption, others weren’t too sure. “I respect real..and that’s keeping it real…🔥🔥🔥,” stated one supportive fan. “Man this caption took me out🤣,” added another fan. But not everyone was on the same encouraging page.

Trolls Slam Amber:

Some took to her comment section and warned her that she may have taken it too far by focusing on their race. “I love you but the commentary about yalls complexion was unnecessary and ignorant,” commented an unhappy follower. “This caption isn’t gonna sit well with some people 🙈,” posted another. “You mean both are white right🤔,” wrote someone else. Many stood up for Amber Rose who is actually Black, Portuguese, Irish, and Italian. She has often talked about the struggles she’s faced growing up mixed-race but has yet to clap back over the Mariah Carey comments.