Bachelor Spoilers: Does Madison Prewett quit? Who does ‘The Bachelor’ star Peter Weber pick and end up with? Is Peter engaged? (SPOILERS)

Bachelor spoilers revealing new spoilers about the finale of The Bachelor’s 2020 season have continued to surface — including spoilers revealing if Madison Prewett quits The Bachelor, who Peter Weber picks as his Final 2 bachelorettes and ends up with, and if The Bachelor star gets engaged on the 2020 finale.

[Bachelor Spoilers Warning: This article contains spoilers about the 2020 season of The Bachelor and will spoil the ending of Peter Weber’s season for you.]
Reality TV World has compiled all the known spoilers about The Bachelor’s 24th season based on Reality Steve blogger Steve Carbone’s spoiling disclosures since the 2020 season began filming last September, which The Bachelor spoiler sleuth reported in his blog and podcast as well as hundreds of social-media postings on Twitter and Instagram over the last six months.

This includes numerous recent spoilers information Carbone reported on February 22 on Twitter, as well as on February 24 and February 25 on Instagram and his blog on after the season’s The Women Tell-All special was filmed on February 21.

Carbone released many of his The Bachelor spoilers for Peter’s season — which filmed its final Rose Ceremony in Australia in late November — in real-time as filming took place last fall, or shortly thereafter.

Last week, viewers left off on The Bachelor with Peter enjoying two overnight Fantasy Suite dates with Hannah Ann Sluss and then Victoria Fuller in Gold Coast, Australia.

Peter was also filled with adrenaline during his third Fantasy Suite date with Madison, but the pilot’s world came crashing down on him when Madison asked whether he had been “intimate” with the other women.

When The Bachelor star confessed he had been “intimate” with Hannah Ann or Victoria (or maybe even both women), Madison excused herself from the dinner table and began grappling with her emotions outside.

Madison was torn between her head and her heart. While her morals, standards and expectations in relationships wanted her to leave Peter in the dust, her heart and the feelings she had for the Bachelor wanted her to stay and give Peter another chance.

Madison, who revealed to Peter she’s a virgin and therefore said it was very important to her how he handled himself in the Fantasy Suites, was last shown leaving Peter alone at the end of their date.

“I made it very clear — I told him there was a chance he could lose me if he made certain decisions, and he made them anyways,” Madison vented in an interview.

“I’m so frustrated with him. I’m so mad at him.”

Peter cried at the idea of Madison potentially quitting the show, as he was admittedly “in love” with her.

So did Madison actually leave The Bachelor star brokenhearted? And how did Peter’s season end? Keep reading for spoilers below!

Spoilers for Peter’s Final 2 picks
Peter’s Final 3 Rose Ceremony will be featured at the beginning of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special airing on Monday, March 2 at 8pm ET/PT on ABC, according to Carbone.

Victoria and Hannah Ann reportedly arrived at the Rose Ceremony one after the next, but Madison was nowhere to be found. The girls therefore wondered what happened, especially seemed Peter appeared to be distraught, but Madison eventually arrived.

Hannah Ann was shown saying in a voiceover for ABC’s preview of the next episode she wanted to feel desired and pursued by her love.

Peter reportedly chose to eliminate Victoria F. at the Rose Ceremony, leaving Hannah Ann and Madison as The Bachelor star’s Final 2 women.

“Hannah Ann accepts her rose, and when Peter says Madison’s name, she pauses, then reluctantly accepts,” Carbone tweeted on February 22. “This is when [The Women Tell All] will start.”

Spoilers for The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

Seventeen The Bachelor bachelorettes gathered at The Bachelor: The Women Tell All’s filming in Los Angeles on February 21, according to the spoilers Carbone posted February 24 on Instagram.

Those ladies reportedly were Katrina Badowski, Alayah Benavidez, Lexi Buchanan, Alexa Caves, Sarah Coffin, Mykenna Dorn, Victoria Fuller, Maurissa Gunn, Sydney Hightower, Deandra Kanu, Shiann Lewis, Tammy Ly, Savannah Mullins, Kiarra Norman, Victoria Paul, Kylie Ramos, and Kelsey Weier.

Natasha Parker and Kelley Flanagan, however, were noticeably absent from the filming, Carbone reported.

Kelley was reportedly not invited to The Women Tell All.

On Kelley’s absence, Carbone wrote last week on Instagram, “Yes, she was in L.A. this weekend, but on her own. She went to see and hang out with the girls, but she was not at the WTA taping.”

“If you finish 5th like she did, and didn’t get invited, it’s because they didn’t like you,” he added. “No other reason.”

Carbone, however, isn’t sure why Natasha was a no-show and whether it was her choice to make or not.

ABC shared in a press release for the upcoming episode The Bachelor host Chris Harrison kicked things off by asking the women, including Lexi and Sydney, to offer their reactions to Madison’s alleged ultimatum about what she wanted from Peter because of who he is.