Bachelor Spoilers: Does Peter End Up With Madison Or Hannah Ann? What We Know Happens In 2020 Finale

What happens in the two-night The Bachelor 2020 finale airing Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10? Who does Peter Weber end up with — Madison Prewett, Hannah Ann Sluss, or just himself and his wonderfully emotional mom Barbara? Those are the million dollar questions, and while we have a few answers, there are certainly more questions. It’s fun! So let’s get into everything we know, everything we think, and everything we’re still confused about.

Bachelor Peter Weber Did Not Have A ‘Normal Ending’

The Bachelor 2020 finale might not be a complete waste of our time thanks to this relatively unspoiled finale. Bachelor Peter Weber has been teasing for months that his ending won’t be spoiled, noting there were mysterious reasons for him to think that. Spoiler guru Reality Steve said he’s pretty sure he’s heard the correct ending to this season … but he’s heard so many different versions of the ending that even he won’t know for sure until Monday night or — more likely — the Tuesday “After the Final Rose” episode to know which ending was correct.

All we’ve known since the final rose ceremony was filmed in mid-November 2019 is that Bachelor Peter Weber did not have a “normal ending.” He didn’t just pick one of his final two, Madison or Hannah Ann, and get engaged that day. So what did happen and what’s happening now? That’s what we have to talk about.

It reminds me of the early days (pulls rocking chair forward) before Jason Mesnick’s season, the first Bachelor Nation finale ever to be spoiled. But you didn’t come here for my babbling (unless my mom is reading this and she did!) so let’s get straight into what we know and what’s still up in the air one week before this mess resolves itself one way or the other.

When Do The Bachelor 2020 Finale And ‘After The Final Rose’ Episodes Air?

Peter Weber’s The Bachelor Season 24 finale airs Monday, March 9 from 8 to 10 p.m. I fully expect some kind of cliffhanger, either on the show itself or through a promo for the next night’s “After the Final Rose” special. That airs Tuesday, March 10 from 8 to 10:01 p.m. ET on ABC.

The “After the Final Rose” special should be at least partly live, with Chris Harrison in front of an audience. We should also see some pre-taped footage, though, like last year when ABC taped Hannah Brown dumping Jed Wyatt before she sat down with Chris Harrison to talk more about it. Signs have pointed to everything continuing right up to the end for Peter Weber, including the live ATFR episode. New Bachelorette 2020 Clare Crawley may also meet a few of her first bachelors right there on the live “After the Final Rose” special too, we’ll see.

Peter’s Mom Makes Her ‘Bring Her Home’ Speech On The Same Day As Madison’s Date

Reality Steve never confirmed who Bachelor Peter’s mom is talking about with her “bring her home to us,” that’s what love stories are made of speech. However, he noted that The Sun posted photos of Peter on his date with Madison during finale week in Australia. He’s wearing the same shirt on that date as he is when talking to his mother Barbara. Does that mean Mom is talking about Madison? I still wonder if she’s speaking in general — like, once you figure out which woman is The One, bring her home to us, etc.

Madison Quits, And She Might Quit On Final Rose Ceremony Day Itself

Madison sticks around long enough to meet Bachelor Peter’s parents again. Remember, she already met them during the first one-on-one date of the season. But she meets them again, and then quits. Reality Steve said he thinks she quits on the final rose ceremony day itself. That’s very possibly why Peter does not have a normal ending. However, it’s also more than just possible that after she quit, she and Peter reconnected in the outside world and they are together. That’s essentially what Reality Steve thinks happened, but he can’t confirm it.

Chris Harrison’s Finale News To Peter Is Still A Mystery

The very first scene The Bachelor 2020 showed was a flash-forward to the final rose ceremony, with Chris Harrison showing up to tell Peter something, something they all just found out. Peter replied with “What?” and said he felt like he was going to pass out. According to Reality Steve, that’s not about Madison. He didn’t know what it was about, and even though it seems like it should be about Madison, he said it’s not. So we’ll have to see on that one.

Bachelor Peter Tells Someone He’s Sorry

From The Bottom Of His Heart In L.A.
The Bachelor 2020 only recently added an extra scene to the finale teases we’ve seen all season. This promo shot shows Bachelor Peter visit someone to say he’s sorry from the bottom of his heart, he never envisioned this. Bachelor sleuths deduced that speech took place at a house in Los Angeles. So that is something we will see after the finale, which was taped in Australia in November 2019. This is speculation, not a spoiler, but I do wonder if that’s Peter dumping the woman he was visiting while the show airs. Couples visit each other in safe houses, kept secret, and I wonder if it’s like Bachelor Arie dumping Becca or something. The promo that aired during the “Women Tell All” showed Peter talking to a shorter brunette. Was that Hannah Ann? Could’ve been either, just based on the back of her head.

Madison Filmed Something With Bachelor Producers Just Recently

There are no spoilers about what exactly she filmed, but Madison Prewett was seen with the Bachelor crew back in early February in Alabama. At the time, Reality Steve said it was not for The Bachelorette. We know that’s true now, since Clare Crawley was revealed to be the 2020 Bachelorette. If that took place in L.A. I’d wonder if it was for the scene mentioned above when Peter says he’s sorry. That scene could still be about anyone, and I don’t know what this particular scene in Auburn, Alabama was about, unless it’s an update with Madison talking to her family and realizing she still has feelings for Peter, maybe?

Bachelor Peter Said Things Change Right Up To The Last Second

Bachelor Peter said The Bachelor worked almost TOO well for him and he fell in love with two women. He said things changed right up to the last second in his final week, which was the craziest week of his life. Obviously things kept changing if he apologized to someone from the bottom of his heart in L.A. some time after filming ended in Australia. Chris Harrison recently said so much happens in that final week, it’s like the season is only just starting now at the end. He said there’s a lot more that happens on so many levels. ABC executive Robert Mills also warned that the “roller coaster” wouldn’t really end until the “After the Final Rose” special, leading many to think the story was still going in real-time with no one maybe even knowing exactly how it would end.

Not Even Peter Knows The Ending?

During the “Women Tell All” episode, Chris Harrison said the finale is so unexpected, no one knows how it will end. Even Peter. So maybe we’re really going to get a live real-time update on Tuesday during the ATFR special with Peter’s Chosen One — on the show or afterward — letting him know where she stands. Is it Madison, revealing whether she’ll give it a chance with Peter? Or Hannah Ann trying to date the windmill sex king?

Jimmy Kimmel Predicted Peter Picked Hannah Ann, Tiffany Haddish Said Madison

Right at the start of every season, Jimmy Kimmel “predicts” the winner and it usually matches spoilers. Last year, though, he was the first one to “predict” Bachelorette Hannah Brown picked Jed Wyatt when Reality Steve’s spoilers at the time were still incorrectly pointing to Hannah picking Tyler Cameron. This year, Kimmel “predicted” Peter would pick Hannah Ann. Meanwhile, Kimmel’s guest alongside Peter for that episode, Tiffany Haddish, read Peter’s expression and thought he picked Madison. One of them is probably right, although I wonder if one was right at the time the Kimmel episode was taped — on January 7, 2020 — and that changed later? We shall see.

Wild Bachelor Finale Fan Theories Pointed To A Producer And Pregnancy
Since The Bachelor 2020 was unspoiled for so long, fans came up with their own theories on what happened in the end. I was thinking maybe Chris Harrison showed up with some bad news about someone’s family member and they had to leave for an emergency. Yes, I was stretching, but we’ve been told that what happened was heartbreaking and no one could see it coming. Madison quitting? Yeah, we could all see that coming, so maybe there’s more. Some fans thought Hannah Brown might return in the end, but that was shot down. Victoria Fuller also does not return for still another chance. Since Bachelor Peter and his producer share photos together, there was that fun theory that they might be together, but that also got shot down. And then there’s the theory that Peter got someone pregnant, and that threw all his plans out of whack. I love that crazy but probably not true theory.

Reality Steve THINKS Peter Ends Up With Madison

This is like the end of Clue, although it’s really only one possible ending at this point. Here’s what Reality Steve posted on February 25, 2020 with his thoughts on how Bachelor Peter Weber’s season ends:

What I do know is one overriding thing I’ve been told more than anything post show is that ‘Peter is with Madison, they are dating, but not engaged.’ Because I’ve heard it the most and it fits in with most of the narratives, that’s where I tend to believe we are right now. But to say that’s 100% set in stone? No I wouldn’t go that far. I just haven’t gotten the solid confirmation I wanted all season, like I have in past seasons. Like I said, it’s been weird. Really weird. You should see some of the things told to me. …

After everything I’ve heard all season, I think what happens is at the end of all of this, Peter is trying to be with Madison and it’s all happened post show. He’s with her, they’re either working on a relationship, or they are happy and together now. However, if you told me he was single, I can’t say I’d be surprised either. One thing I’m almost certain of is that post-show, Peter absolutely spoke with Madison to try and make it work between them. But honestly, I don’t know if it did and I don’t think any of us will until the ATFR. I know that’s probably not the answer you were looking for, but I’m telling you from the things I’ve heard, the one thing that keeps coming up is this is “ever changing.”

Reality Steve Also Heard A Random Rumor He Would Confirm If It Happens

On February 27, during his podcast, Reality Steve said he had just been told a wild ending rumor:

If what I heard today is how this ending of this season all plays out, I throw my hands up, really, I do.

He said, if it turns out to be true, he’ll tell us. But he didn’t say it right then and there. He said he’d heard so many endings, he didn’t want to pass them all along. “It’s been a wacky season.” So it’s possible this rumor will be the latest twist, if it’s true. Maybe Peter is now single, or with Hannah Ann. Or with the producer! (Just kidding … unless it happens.)

Hannah Ann Announced She’s Moving To L.A. After The Bachelor Finale

As we know, Bachelor Peter Weber lives in L.A., very close to the Bachelor mansion. Hannah Ann Sluss came to Bachelor Nation through fellow model and friend Hannah Godwin. Hannah G. was a finalist last year on Bachelor Colton Underwood’s season and she got engaged to Dylan last summer on Bachelor in Paradise. Anyway, Hannah G. also lives in L.A. and she and Hannah Ann chatted on Instagram about living close to each other soon. Hannah Ann is reportedly moving to L.A. right after The Bachelor finale. Coincidence? It’s not like it’s weird for a model to move to L.A, or for someone to want to maximize entertainment opportunities after being on TV. So we’ll see if there was any kind of hint to that.

As I’ve said before, don’t get too attached to however things play out in the first night of the finale on Monday, March 9, because I do think some major changes — and maybe even a full 180 — could be ahead on the second nigh of the finale with the “After the Final Rose” episode on March 10.