Bachelor Spoilers: How’s Madison Prewett’s ultimatum to Peter Weber turn out? Who does ‘The Bachelor’ star pick and ends up with? Is he engaged? (SPOILERS)

New Bachelor spoilers are continuing to roll out, filling in the spoiler holes about the ending of Peter Weber’s 2020 season of The Bachelor — including new spoilers about Peter’s Final 3 overnight dates, Madison Prewett’s alleged ultimatum to Peter, who Peter picks and ends up with in the finale, and if the Bachelor is engaged.

[Bachelor Spoilers Warning: This report contains huge new spoilers about the ending of Peter Weber’s time on The Bachelor and will spoil the rest of the 2020 season for you.]
Reality TV World has compiled all the known spoilers about Peter’s The Bachelor season based on Reality Steve blogger Steve Carbone’s spoiling disclosures since the 2020 season began filming last September, which The Bachelor spoiler sleuth reported in his blog and podcast as well as hundreds of social-media postings on Twitter and Instagram over the last five months.

This includes numerous new spoilers Carbone reported on his spoiler blog on February 11, on Instagram on February 17, and on Twitter on February 22 after the season’s The Women Tell-All special was filmed on February 21.

In addition, we have also incorporated all the spoiler information ABC has released about Peter’s season of The Bachelor in its own press materials.

Carbone released many of his The Bachelor spoilers for Peter’s season — which filmed its final Rose Ceremony in Australia in late November — in real-time as filming took place last fall, or shortly thereafter.

The Bachelor’s next episode will begin with Madison Prewett pulling Peter aside to talk after he just handed out roses to Madison, Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller.

(Peter’s decisions sent Kelsey Weier home in fourth place).

Spoilers for The Bachelor Episode 9

The Bachelor’s latest episode ended with Madison asking Peter if they could speak in private following the Rose Ceremony held in Los Angeles, CA, after the women’s round of hometown dates.

ABC revealed in a press release for The Bachelor’s upcoming February 24 episode that Madison will have a conversation with Peter that will “present a dilemma.”

Carbone reported February 17 on Instagram Madison told Peter that she was a virgin and explained her stance on the overnight dates in general.

“I don’t believe an ultimatum is given, but Peter is well aware of where Madison stands in regards with sex during the overnights,” Carbone wrote at the time.

But based on the preview that aired following The Bachelor’s latest February 17 episode, Victoria accused Madison of definitely giving Peter “an ultimatum.”

“I’m sorry, that’s disgusting,” Victoria said. “Putting him in that position is so unfair. Are you kidding me?”

However, Carbone changed his spoiler information on February 22 after getting information from audience members who attended February 21’s filming of the season’s The Women Tell All special which included a screening of The Bachelor’s February 24 episode.

According to Carbone’s new spoiler info, Madison did not actually tell Peter she was a virgin when she spoke to him following the Final 4 Rose Ceremony.

However, she did reportedly warn Peter it would be “really hard” for her to continue on in the process if he chose to sleep with Hannah Ann or Victoria during his overnight dates with them.

“Madison doesn’t specifically tell him she’s a virgin. Says that if he were to sleep with someone else, it would be really hard for her to move forward in this,” Carbone shared on Twitter on February 22.

“Peter says, ‘So what are you saying? If I were to spend the night [with someone] else, this isn’t something you could do?'”

Madison then reportedly said she didn’t want to give Peter an ultimatum, however she then proceeded to add a caveat that still sounded a lot like an ultimatum.

“Madison responds with, ‘In no way do I want to give you an ultimatum, but actions speak louder than words.’ That’s how it’s left as they head to Australia,” Carbone explained.

Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria fly Down Under with Peter

Peter and his Final 3 bachelorettes reportedly traveled to Australia for the next leg of the pilot’s journey to find love.

The overnight Fantasy Suite dates were filmed in Australia’s Gold Coast, a coastal city in Australia’s eastern state of Queensland.

The city is famous for its long sandy beaches, surfing spots, theme parks, and elaborate system of inland canals and waterways.

But Madison’s words left a cloud over Peter’s head as he began the intimate dates.

“Peter faces a real predicament as he tries to navigate Madison’s challenge,” ABC has revealed.

The three women were also in an uncomfortable position given they had to live together during the Fantasy Suite round for the first time in show history!

Madison apparently talked to Hannah Ann about the choices she had made for herself.

“It is kind of a black-and-white situation,” Madison told Hannah Ann in a preview clip for the next episode.