France Issues Coronavirus Warning — Stop Kissing Each Other On The Cheeks!

The outbreak of the Coronavirus just got a bit scarier after the country of France issued a health warning for its residents, and everyone for that matter, to stop kissing each other on the cheeks when they say hello or goodbye.

It’s getting pretty bad. Health Minister of France, Olivier Véran, issued the warning this weekend, for people to refrain from “la bise,” the act of giving each other kisses, or air kisses on both cheeks when greeting someone.

“The reduction in social contacts of a physical nature is advised. That includes the practice of the bise,” Veran said in a press conference on Saturday.

The warning comes after France has confirmed it’s 100th case of the Coronavirus and two deaths inside its borders.

Interestingly, warning came after French President Emmanuel Macron was seen greeting the Italian Premier with a kiss on not just once but twice, last week in Naples.

The Italian government has already warned against public displays of affection, warning to seize similar physical contact in their country. The person in charge of the commission for Coronavirus in Italy, Angelo Borrelli, said “We have a collective social life that is very florid, very expansive. We have lots of contact, we shake hands, we kiss each other, we hug each other.”

He continued, “Maybe it is better in this period not to shake hands, and do not have too much contact, and try to be a bit less expansive, which is different from how I am.”

Italy has also suffered a big number of virus contractions at 1,100 and at least 29 people have died from the disease.

As we reported, many American musicians are canceling their international tours, especially in Asian countries. Avril Lavigne dropped out of over 10 concerts and she followed acts like Green Day and BTS.

The virus has spread to over 87,000n people worldwide and has killed almost 3,000. President Trump has announced Vice President Pence will lead our efforts to combat the virus here at home.