Future Allegedly Accused Of Rape And Getting Woman Pregnant In England

A Famous Person, Who Is Rumored To Be Lori Harvey’s Boyfriend, Files A Lawsuit Against A Woman Who Allegedly Threatened To Tell The Media That He Raped Her, Got Her Pregnant And Have Her 2 STDs.

Future has been linked to a rape and extortion case in England. According to popular gossip blog UnwinewithTashaK, a famous person, who is believed to be the Atlanta-born rapper, has been accused of rape by an unnamed woman.

In her video blog, Tasha claimed that the famous person, who wasn’t specifically named likely to protect his identity, has filed an extortion lawsuit against the alleged victim. In the paper, the plaintiff is listed as Naydem, which is close to Future’s legal name, Nayvedius Demun.

The lawsuit states that the defendant threatened to tell the media that the plaintiff allegedly raped her, insisting that the sex was not consensual. The plaintiff also alleges that the defendant threatened to tell the media that the plaintiff got her pregnant, gave her 2 STDs and then offered her money to keep her silent.

A British court has issued a gag order preventing both the Plaintiff and Defendant in the case from discussing the extortion lawsuit, so it’s hard to get comments from the parties involved in the case. It’s also unclear if police are investigating the case based on the Defendant’s claims or if the Plaintiff will face any charges for the allegations brought up by the Defendant.

While Future’s alleged involvement in the case has not been confirmed, people have weighed in on the allegations. “Something is wrong with Future. Something is wrong with the women that wanna be with Future,” one commented on Tasha’s video.

Some others think that it’s karma for Future after what he did to his former fiancee and baby mama Ciara. “Future put Ciara in so much pain and embarrassment . Karma is real y’all. She may not hit right away but just know she’s coming,” one wrote.

Another similarly added, “Nothing surprises me….iam so happy that Ciara has been truly blessed by a real king and she loved herself enough and moved on! I have a bad feeling about Future…Karma is guaranteed..everything will come to the light! Welcome back ms tasha we love you.”

Ciara called off her engagement to Future in 2014 due to his infidelity. Following their split, the singer sued the rapper for defamation, slander and libel. Future, who is currently dating Lori Harvey, is now facing paternity suits by two different women.