Hannah Ann Sluss details ‘The Bachelor’ timeline of Peter Weber breakup and what went wrong

Hannah Ann Sluss has revealed the timeline of events that led to her breakup with The Bachelor star Peter Weber — including when Peter wanted to contact Hannah Brown — after they got engaged in Australia.

Peter proposed marriage to Hannah Ann in Alice Springs in November 2019, but it didn’t take long for their relationship to fall apart, and fans watched the pair split on Tuesday night’s finale of The Bachelor’s 24th season.

Once Peter became single again, Chris Harrison arranged a meeting with a regretful Madison Prewett, who still loved the Bachelor despite quitting before the Final Rose Ceremony due to their different lifestyles and lack of compatibility. Peter and Madison are now dating again and trying to make things work.

A devastated Hannah Ann spoke to Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin on their Bachelor Happy Hour podcast after the finale aired and detailed the demise of her relationship that happened behind the scenes.

Becca started out by asking what happened after the Final Rose Ceremony, before she and Peter left Australia. Becca wanted to know if Peter gave her more details about his feelings for Madison and her premature exit at that time.

“No, he always — whenever that conversation would be brought up, it was always like, ‘This is the past.’ He always made sure to reassure me that I was his person and I was the love of his life and that he was always going to choose me,” Hannah Ann shared.

“But as the season started to roll, things weren’t quite adding up.”

Rachel therefore asked Hannah Ann to break things down and detail a timeline of events.

“So you get engaged a week before Thanksgiving — somewhere around that time. You’re together this whole time. We talked to Peter the first week in January,” Rachel began.