Hannah Brown leaves Tyler Cameron and “Quarantine Crew” in Florida to return home to Alabama

Hannah Brown has left Tyler Cameron — and their Florida-based “Quarantine Crew” — to return to her hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Breezy is back in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, her and Marshall drove home late last night, they want to ride this thing out with their families,” Tyler’s best friend Matt James revealed Wednesday via Instagram Stories, seemingly referring to Hannah’s friend Marshall Eads.

Matt was one of the initial 32 bachelors cast on Clare Crawley’s upcoming season of The Bachelorette. Based on his video, he and the crew had reached Day 20 of quarantining themselves.

“In the meantime, please continue to share information with us on how we can allocate resources and information to service our students, not only in New York, but all across the country, and that would be via our page ABC Food Tours,” Matt continued in his post.

Hannah, Tyler, Matt and Marshall had been in quarantine with Kate Dooley, Olivia Faria, Jacob Laham, Mollie Foertmeyer and Tyler’s brother Ryan, according to Us Weekly.

The group, who nicknamed themselves the “Quarantine Crew,” had released hilarious Instagram and TikTok videos during their time together. The group danced, exercised, dressed up in costumes, and pulled pranks on each other while trying to protect themselves and others from the spread of coronavirus.

A source told Us last month that Hannah and Tyler “have a lot of love for each other,” but aren’t officially dating.

“It’s been a hectic year for them both,” the source said. “And they finally found some time in their schedules to connect.”

However, fans have been led to believe based on the crew’s Instagram Stories videos that Hannah and Tyler were sleeping in the same bed.

Tyler also dodged questions about his relationship with Hannah in two different Instagram Live sessions late last week, the magazine reported.

Tyler reportedly answered two questions about whether he’s dating Hannah with a sarcastic joke, neither confirming or denying anything romantic is going on between them.

“Tyler and Hannah are very much aware of the attention that’s been on them recently,” the source told Us last month.

Tyler lives in New York City but has remained in his hometown of Jupiter, FL, ever since the tragic death of his mother Andrea Cameron from a brain aneurysm at age 55 last month.

Hannah flew to Jupiter to be by Tyler’s side during his time of need and mourning, and after only one week apart, Hannah returned to Tyler’s hometown to wait out the coronavirus.

Tyler picked Hannah up at Palm Beach International Airport, which is less than 30 minutes from Jupiter, on Saturday, March 14.

Since then, Hannah and Tyler have enjoyed time at the beach and at the pool together.

Many The Bachelorette fans have been shipping Hannah and Tyler and hoping they get back together, but sources have claimed for weeks they have a strictly platonic relationship.

Hannah selected Jed Wyatt as the winner of her heart over Tyler on The Bachelorette last year at the Final Rose Ceremony, but the former beauty pageant queen broke up with Jed five weeks after they got engaged because he had lied about having a girlfriend back home in Nashville during filming.

On The Bachelorette’s live reunion special in late July 2019, Hannah asked Tyler out on a date, which resulted in the pair spending one night together in Los Angeles, CA, in early August.

However, nothing ever came of it because Tyler appeared to set his sights on supermodel Gigi Hadid, and then he moved away from his parents to New York City to pursue modeling.

Tyler and Gigi’s romance only lasted a couple of months, and then he had a fling with Kylie Jenner’s best friend Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolaou.

Now that Tyler and Hannah are both single, The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison told Entertainment Tonight in March “it wouldn’t shock” him if the pair got back together again and they’d be “great together.”

An eyewitness also told Us last month the chemistry between Hannah and Tyler was still obvious even though they hadn’t engaged in any PDA.