‘High’ Boosie Badazz Doubles Down On Racist Coronavirus Assumption With Yao Ming Meme

The Baton Rouge Rapper Was Previously Called Racist When He Declared That He Would Stay Away From All Asian People To Make Sure That He Doesn’t Contract The Disease.

Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) is back at it again. Despite getting backlash over his insensitive remarks towards Asian people when he talked about Coronavirus, the rapper continued to further raise people’s eyebrows with his recent controversial Instagram post.

Claiming that he was high, Boosie took to his account on the photo-sharing site to share a meme making light of the pandemic. The Baton Rouge icon posted a photo that showed Kevin Garnett and Yao Ming during the NBA All-Star Game. However, the picture featured KG wearing a face mask while guarding the Chinese athlete.

Boosie got mixed response in the comment section underneath his post. Some people were laughing along with the rapper about the terrifying virus. “Damn son,” one user commented alongside several laughing emojis.

Meanwhile, some others urged Boosie to delete the post as it was arguably xenophobic towards Asian people. “That’s f***ed up,” one reminded him. Another comment read, “Damn boosie you outta pocket.”

This is not the first time Boosie was criticized for his insensitive comments on the outbreak. He was previously called racist when he declared that he would stay away from all Asians, whom he believes to be carrying COVID-19, to make sure that he doesn’t contract the disease.

The 37-year-old let everyone know the preventive measure that he’s taken in an Instagram Live video. “I won’t even walk by. I won’t even walk by at an airport. If you’re a Chinese or you look like.. I won’t even walk by,” he said while seemingly in a car. “I’d go the other way. If you Chinese or Yang, don’t come around me. Philippines … I’m sorry I wouldn’t even walk by. I would take the other way around.”

Unsurprisingly, the comments landed him in hot water as he appeared to accuse Asians of carrying the risk of spreading Coronavirus. “This is full blown racism, imagine if a white person said this,” one responded to his video. “This is like super racist,” another remarked. “Racism on another level,” a third user wrote about Boosie’s declaration to stay away from Asians, while another sarcastically wrote, ” ‘Black people cant be racist’ yeah Ok.”