Jackie Chan Lets Fans Know He Is Safe From Coronavirus And Not Under Quarantine

Jackie Chan assured fans around the world that he is safe and not in immediate danger of getting the Coronavirus. The international action star took to social media this week to relieve his worried fans.

“Thanks for everybody’s concern! I’m safe and sound, and very healthy,” the movie star said. “Please don’t worry, I’m not in quarantine. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy too!”

Chan has been receiving gifts from around the world, including face masks, according to Fox News. He reportedly asked his employees to donate the supplies to various organizations.

His Full Statement

While Jackie posted a short message on social media, he penned a much longer statement on his website.

“Recently, my staff told me about the news that’s been circulating around the world, saying that I’ve been placed under quarantine for COVID-19.

Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” for everybody’s concern! I’m very healthy and safe, and haven’t been quarantined. I’ve received many messages from friends asking if I’m ok. Your love and concern is so heartwarming. Thank you!

I’ve also received some very special gifts from fans all over the world during this very difficult time. Thank you for the face masks. Your thoughtfulness is well received! And I’ve asked my lovely staff to donate your kindness through official organisations to those who need it most.”

Latest Movie’s Release Delayed

Jackie was born in Hong Kong where at least 90 coronavirus cases have been confirmed. On Thursday, the South China Morning Post reported that almost 5,900 buildings filled with people have been put on quarantine.

The release of his newest film, “Vanguard” has been delayed in China over the fear that the virus will be spread in movie theaters. The action star also offered a $197,000 reward for the development of an antidote, the Straight Times in Singapore reported.

“Science and technology is key to overcoming the virus, and I believe many people have the same thought as me and hope that an antidote can be developed as soon as possible,” Chan wrote on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.