Johnny Depp Wanted To ‘Burn’ Amber Heard And ‘F**K’ Her Corpse In Leaked Texts

The ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Actor Seemingly Hated His Former Wife So Much That He Wanted Her Dead As His Text Exchange With Fellow Actor Paul Bettany Was Leaked.

Johnny Depp allegedly joked he should “burn” and “drown” now-ex-wife Amber Heard in a series of 2013 text messages to his actor friend Paul Bettany, a court has heard.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star’s private exchange with Bettany was read out in London’s High Court on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 in a preliminary hearing regarding his libel suit against officials at British newspaper The Sun, following a 2018 report in which he was referred to as a “wife-beater.”

The volatile nature of the former couple’s relationship only emerged in 2016, when Heard filed for divorce from Depp and accused him of domestic abuse, allegations he has vehemently denied.

The 56 year old was present for Wednesday’s court date as the content of the previously-unseen text messages to Bettany were read out by defence lawyer Adam Wolanski.

The chat had been included in a file of 70,000 texts accidentally shared with the defence team by Depp’s previous legal representatives.

On 6 November, 2013, Depp reportedly wrote, “Let’s burn Amber.”

“Let’s drown her before we burn her!!!” he added in a follow-up message later that same day. “I will f**k her burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she is dead.”

Depp also appeared to address a mid-air altercation with the “Aquaman” star en route to Los Angeles in May 2014, when he is accused of “screaming obscenities” and lashing out at Heard, before “passing out” in the airplane’s toilet.

He denied displaying drunk and abusive behaviour during the flight, but in texts to Bettany, he is said to have written, “I’m gonna properly stop the booze thing, darling… Drank all night before I picked Amber up to fly to LA, this past Sunday…Ugly, mate.”

Seemingly referring to his drink and drug intake, he continued, “No food for days…powders…half a bottle of whiskey, a thousand red bull and vodkas, pills, 2 bottles of Champers on plane and what do you get..???”

“An angry, aggro Injun (North American Indian) in a f**kin’ blackout, screaming obscenities and insulting any f**k who got near…I’m done.”

After reading out the messages, Wolanski said, “These texts go to the very heart of the case, they are really very important and set out the claimant’s thinking in respect of a number of different incidents and his recollection.”

However, Depp’s lawyer, David Sherborne, vowed to present the truth from his client, as he cast doubt on Heard’s domestic violence allegations and maintained she was the “aggressor” in the relationship.

“One person, one side, is lying, and one is not,” Sherborne told the court. “Obviously, we say that it is Ms. Heard (who is lying), Mr. Depp is 100 per cent clear about that.”

The full case is due to be heard on March 23, 2020.

Depp is also suing Heard for defamation in Virginia for an op-ed she penned for The Washington Post after their divorce, when she referred to herself as “a public figure representing domestic abuse.”

He is demanding damages in excess of $50 million in that case.