Julia Roberts and Danny Moder Fighting To Maintain Marriage?

Is Julia Roberts “fighting” for her marriage to husband Danny Moder? That’s what one tabloid is claiming this week, but the story is entirely made up. Gossip Cop is here to debunk it.

A phony article published by OK! is alleging that Roberts and her cinematographer husband are “trying to make it work” despite having “major issues” in their marriage. An unidentified “insider” claims that the couple’s relationship is “pretty unconventional” and that they “have vowed to fix their problems instead of running from them.” The suspicious tipster goes on to say that the Pretty Woman actress asked her husband to “escort her somewhere exciting at least once a week,” which Moder agreed to do “for his wife” despite not being a fan of “glitz and glamour.” “Their marriage is still a work in progress,” the source finishes, “but they’re both in agreement that divorce isn’t an option.”

It’s obvious what OK! is trying to do with this story: invent drama while not having to give any proof that it’s happening. Any time they show up in public together, the tabloid gets to claim it as “evidence” that the two are making an effort to make the marriage work. Nevertheless, Gossip Cop has found this story is false. Roberts and Moder aren’t “fighting” to make their marriage work. This is a non-story.

While certainly no couple is ever truly perfect, the actress has always been extremely positive about her life with her husband throughout her and Moder’s 17-year marriage. After working together on the film Secret in Their Eyes, Roberts described Moder as her “favorite person on the planet” in an interview with People. “I love spending time with him,” she gushed. In 2017, she told People,“Every day my husband walks in the door it’s like a recurring dream. I’m like, ‘Ah, he’s back!’” In 2018, Roberts described Moder as “an awesome human being” in an interview with Extra.

For his part, Moder frequently posts pictures to social media of his family, including Roberts, enjoying time together. On Mother’s Day last year, he shared a photo to Instagram of the family with his wife in the middle. “We love you so much,” he wrote in the caption. Long story short, we have absolutely no idea what OK! is talking about when they mention the “countless storms” the two have weathered.

Despite this marriage obviously being fairly private and undramatic, OK! has always seemed strangely desperate to find dysfunction where there clearly is none. In September 2018, the tabloid claimed Roberts was losing weight due to her marriage problems. Later that month, she allegedly “poured her heart out” to her Pretty Woman co-star Richard Gere about her struggles with Moder.

In February 2019, Roberts and Moder’s marriage was “back on track” after a vacation in Alaska. And then in August, they took another trip, this time to Hawaii, to “salvage their marriage.” All of these claims, all by the same tabloid, were absurd and flimsy. Gossip Cop debunked each and every one of those stories and more