Justin Bieber Debuts New Slicked Back Hair-Do For Miami Video Shoot

Justin Bieber’ seemed to channel Ricky Ricardo for a Cuban themed video he was shooting while in Miami.

The “Yummy” singer was seen wearing an all-red outfit as he arrived at the set of his new music video, “La Bomba.” His collared shirt featured some chic white roses but the most interesting thing was his new hairstyle. The Biebs slicked her platinum blond hair and threw on some dark shades to complete his look. Normally, the singer lets his wild side show through his shaggy hair but he cleaned up nice for the shoot. The bleached hair is left over from his last dramatic change and his brunette roots were clearly visible underneath the platinum tips.

It seems like Bieber’s new video will be very elaborate because the set was filled with fedora-wearing cello players and cool classic cars, according to Hollywood Life. J Balvin, whom Justin frequently collaborates with, showed up to the set a little later with his classic platinum blond shaved head. Balvin and Bieber teamed up for the smash hit, “Despacito” and the Latin remix of “Sorry.”

No telling how the Cuban theme will play out in the new vid but we can only hope that there is a cool race scene while riding the sweet classic cars that Cuba is famous for.

Besides filming some music vids, Bieber has been working hard in the dance studio with a crew of back up dancers to make sure his upcoming “Changes” tour goes off without a hitch. On February 18, Justin shared some rehearsal footage where he was getting the dust off because he hasn’t toured in over 3 years.

“Getting ready for tour!!” Bieber wrote in the caption of his dance vid.

It is not easy to sing and remember the dance routine but Justin made it look easy in his rehearsal vid.

Just yesterday, Justin starred in a new ad campaign for Calvin Klein alongside Kendall Jenner, Lil Nas X and more. The ad features a shredded Bieber posing and flexing with no shirt on and his tight whities clearly visible.

“Deal With It. @CalvinKlein #MYCALVINS,” Bieber wrote in the caption of his post.

Deal with it seems to be the slogan for the new campaign but Bieber has shown that he figured out how to deal with everying in his revealing YouTube series, “Changes.”