Kaley Cuoco Explains The Difference Between ‘Big Bang Theory’ And Leading Movies

Kaley Cuoco is in a new league! The actress has grown considerably since her days as the popular but stereotypical blonde, Bridget Hennessy, on 8 Simple Rules. Cuoco gained more recognition for her role on the CBS sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. The actress played Penny, the next-door neighbor of the two main characters. Even though the show ended, Cuoco’s performance has catapulted her into mainstream success. It’s no surprise that because of her work on the show, she was able to transition to other roles, such as the animated version of DC’s Harley Quinn.

However, it’s her jump to the big screen that left fans quite impressed with the actress.

Kaley Cuoco’s making her own way
During an interview with Collider, the actress opened up about how she was able to go from acting on television shows to being in big movies. Kaley Cuoco was promoting the family film Hop, where she played one of the main characters. “It’s great. It’s so comforting to be on a show and know the character so well. It’s everyone’s dream job. But there is something about doing something that’s a little bit different. It wasn’t that crazy of a role, but it was fun to be working with different people and shaking it up a little bit,” the actress explained.

The actress then mentioned a funny anecdote about what it was like to work with co-star James Marsden, who had spent a good amount of time working with puppets on the set before she arrived.

“When I came for my first day of shooting, they had been working for two weeks and Jimmy ran up to me and was like, ‘I have been talking to a stuffed animal for two weeks. I need a human!’ He was going crazy. That’s hard. It was kind of like Castaway for rabbits,” Kaley Cuoco joked.

The on-set experience was totally different
And of course, the actress had a bit of fun with her co-star and the crew on set. Cuoco said that she was used to working in a shorter time frame after her years on Big Bang Theory. When speaking on having more free time on a movie set, the actress said, “Doing a film, we would do one scene, all day. I was like, ‘These guys are slow. This is crazy!’”

“We would get really giddy by the end of the day, because they were really long, and I was just bad off camera,” Kaley Cuoco explained. “I was constantly making faces. We played a lot of Words with Friends on our iPhones. We played Scrabble, constantly.” It certainly sounds like she found a tolerable way to deal with such a different work experience!

In addition to providing the voice for the diabolical sidekick (and sometimes enemy) to the Joker, Kaley Cuoco will also be starring in the HBO series, The Flight Attendant. The actress will play the leading character, Cassandra “Cassie” Bowden, who finds herself in a precarious situation after waking up to a dead body next to her. The show was created by Cuoco and is being produced by her production company, which also produces Harley Quinn.