Kylie Jenner, Verbally Messed Up By Laura Govan While Defending B. Simone Against Plagiarism Claims

The Former ‘Basketball Wives’ Star, However, Finds Herself At The Receiving End Of Negative Comments After Accusing Kylie Of Copying Black Women’s Lips And Butt And Comparing It To Plagiarism.

Laura Govan is another person whose comment on B. Simone’s plagiarism accusation has backfired. Defending the “Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want” book author, the “Basketball Wives LA” alum dissed Kylie Jenner and alleged that the cosmetics mogul stole black women’s lips and butt while comparing it to plagiarism.

“Truth is Truth ~ We have to Do Better In Supporting Our Own … @kyliejenner (Whom I LoVe) Stole Ur Whole Look her lips her butt y’all hips and Made Almost Billions Doing It WITH UR SUPPORT!!!” she wrote on her Instagram page Sunday, June 14. “Now here’s @thebsimone Who Y’all Drag For Making A FEW Dollars For Taking Copies From a Book To Put Into Her Book! Like Y’all Never Did That In School … We Have to Change Our SUPPORT MENTALITY … and SUPPORT OUR OWN.” She added the hashtags #strongerTogether and #BLM.


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Laura Govan adds her two cents to the B Simone situation… Thoughts?

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The post has now been removed from her account, but she replaced it with a similar one on her Instagram Stories, seemingly to clarify her previous statement. “So here’s what I’m talking about!!! YALL CAN MAKE KYLIE A ALMOST BILLION AND BUY ALL HER PRODUCTS AND SHE STOLE UR WHOLE NODY – Lips/butt everything (and I Like Kylie) BUT Y’ALL DRAG B-SIMONE FOR GIVING YALL SOME PAGES COPIED OUT OF A BOOK Just to make a few dollars …. Come on World we gotta support better ….,” so she argued, adding the hashtag #SlaveMentality.

Laura Govan’s Instagram Story

Laura Govan clarifies her remarks on Instagram Story.
But many social media users didn’t find Laura’s comparison making sense. “Correlating plastic surgery to plagiarism ain’t it. She should have pointed out the countless times Kylie and her sisters have been exposed for stealing concepts from BLACK WOMEN and we haven’t cancelled them for it,” one person pointed out.

“Girl not you comparing someone paid body over plagiarized illegal work,” another similarly commented. “I hear you but… false equivalency,” a third user remarked, while one baffled person asked, “How is that the same tho?”

Someone else insisted that Simone is wrong, “Plagiarism is wrong. No matter if you black or white! WTF.” Meanwhile, an apparent fan of Kylie defended her, clapping back at Laura, “Kylie Jenner didn’t ask to be put in this, leave her a** alone.”

One person, however, has come to Laura’s defense, writing back to the critics, “First off she said it wasnt her and second of all yall just mad ….and being bullies at this point ! Most of yall ain’t never support her from the jump and it shows.”

Simone is widely criticized after it’s revealed that she copied worksheets from Pinterest accounts for her book “Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want”. Meek Mill has also jumped to her defense, liking plagiarism to finessing. People then responded to his tweets by reminding him that he was beefing with Drake over ghostwriting accusation. The rapper later responded to the backlash, explaining his stance, “I never even checked what she really did I’m just tired of seeing blacks canceling blacks … they got us ranked in last place already chill with that s**t.”