‘Life After Lockup’: Marcelino Santiago Lies to Brittany – Gets Caught in the Act – See Sneak Peek

Life After Lockup spoilers show Marcelino Santiago is dishonest and gets caught by wife Brittany Dodd Santiago. There are a number of things going on for this couple this season. Much of the drama is over Marcelino’s finances as a poker player. And, things come to a head for the pair in the next episode. What else do teasers reveal?

Life After Lockup: Marcelino Santiago Struggles with Finances

A big part of Marcelino’s storyline on Life After Lockup has to do with his financial situation. He wants to play poker full-time and make that into a career indefinitely. On the other hand, Brittany Dodd Santiago needs her husband to have a job that’s stable longterm.

On top of lawyer bills while trying to get custody of Brittany’s son, Giovanni, other expenses pile up, too. Brittany Santiago has a baby on the way on Life After Lockup. In addition to young daughter Zoila. Added to all that, Brittany brought a puppy home in the most recent episode. And, Marcelino Santiago isn’t happy about the extra expenses.

LALU: Brittany Dodd Santiago Catches Marcelino in a Lie

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal an intense confrontation between husband and wife. Marcelino Santiago lies to her about where he went. And, spoilers report she catches him in the lie. She wakes up a sleeping Marcelino by pouring beer on him. And, she reminds him of his responsibilities at home.

Life After Lockup season teasers show Marcelino visiting a woman that’s not his wife. She says his name as she opens the door and lets him in. It’s not clear who this woman is or what he does there. But, the editing makes it seem like he cheated on his wife. This is speculation based on how the clips are edited. But, whatever Marcelino Santiago does, spouse Brittany Santiago isn’t happy about it.

What to Expect on Life After Lockup

Brittany Santiago has a lot going on this season on Life After Lockup. On top of having a baby on the way, she opened up to her mother about her abandoning Brittany at a young age. Meanwhile, she wants Marcelino Santiago to get a stable job. And, she needs him to be someone she can count on.

On top of that, Brittany Santiago wants to find the children she gave up for adoption. She had them when she was a juvenile. So, the records are sealed. She wants to find them and see if she can have a relationship with them. But, Marcelino Santiago worries about the cost of the process and how long it could take on Life After Lockup.

So far this season, Marcelino Santiago pays his bills and takes care of business as a family man. But, he feels the pressure of mounting bills. There’s also the fact that playing poker for a living comes with a huge amount of risk. And, winning money isn’t a guarantee. In addition, he says he’s been in a slump.

Based on Life After Lockup spoilers, it’s not clear exactly what Marcelino Santiago does for his wife to go off on him. But, based on teaser clips, it doesn’t look good. Certainly, it’ll be interesting to see what Marcelino does. And, what goes down when Brittany Santiago confronts him about it.