Lil Dicky Says Kourtney Kardashian Is as ‘Charming’ in Real Life as She Appeared in the Show

Comedian Lil Dicky’s new 30-minute FXX series, Dave, is based on the rapper’s real-life journey to releasing his first album alongside hype man and confidante, GaTa. Similar to how Lil Dicky has met several other rappers and celebrities on his path, so does Dave in the first season. Famous reality television star  appeared in the eighth episode, and fans loved her endearing personality in the scene.

Lil Dicky opened up about his prior relationship with the famous socialite and noted she’s as “charming” in real life.

Kourtney Kardashian on ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Kourtney Kardashian on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ | Charles Sykes

‘Dave’ has had several celebrity cameos
The first episode of Dave kicked off with the main character paying YG’s manager for a feature. While the two never collaborated, the West Coast rapper did post a clip of Dave (Lil Dicky) spitting bars to his Instagram following.

“Thrift Shop” rapper Macklemore made a guest appearance in the following episode when he showed up to perform for a 10-year-old’s memorial, shelving Dave.

The aspiring rapper also met Young Thug at a party his girlfriend’s roommate invited him and Dave’s engineer Elz linked up with “Love Scars” artist, Trippie Redd.

He then had to babysit the rapper’s nephew but later landed an opportunity to tour with him. Gamer Ninja made a guest appearance in the “Somebody Suck Me” viral challenge, and Dave briefly met pop singer Justin Bieber at famed producer Benny Blanco’s house.

The rapper later went to Bieber’s house party, where he met a famous reality star and model, Kourtney Kardashian. In the finale, Dave rapped for The Breakfast Club, where he earned the respect of critical radio host Charlamagne Tha God as well as Angela Yee.

Several other celebrities, including rappers Gunna, MadeinTYO, O.T. Genasis, Tierra Whack, and electronic music producer, Marshmello, made guest appearances in the first season.

Kourtney Kardashian cameo on ‘Dave’
In the eighth-episode, titled “P.I.B.E.,” an acronym Dave created for “play it by ear,” the aspiring rapper met the oldest daughter of the famous family at the popping Justin Bieber party.

He went over to sit down by the fire and overheard Kourtney Kardashian talking about her desire to have any baby. She also poked fun at a viral moment on Keeping Up With the Kardashians when she notably pulled her oldest son, Mason, “out of her vagina,” by joking she felt a “maternal obligation” to do the same to her two other children.

The conversation caught Dicky’s ears, and he chimed in, “I wish I could give birth.” While he noted the process “must suck,” he also acknowledged the beauty in “carrying life inside of you.” The 41-year-old then said he should “do it” because a man gave birth before.

When her citing Oprah as a source didn’t convince Dave, the model pulled out her phone to “Google it.” After Dave won the “debate,” the two properly introduced themselves, and he asked her how it feels to have a famous family.

She unknowingly gave him advice with her honest response: “I mean, I would rather do it with my entire family, then do it alone.” Dave ended the conversation with another joke, and she later hugged him goodbye in front of his girlfriend.

Lil Dicky opens up about Kourtney Kardashian’s cameo

In a virtual Deadline panel, rapper Lil Dicky revealed how they landed the ultra-famous reality personality for the first season. He explained he “happened to have met her,” coincidentally on the same night he met Justin Bieber, as he and the latter are both managed by Scooter Braun.

The comedian also noted he “loved” the mother-of-three and promised she is as “charming” as she appeared on-screen in real life. When obtaining the guest appearances on his series, Lil Dicky explained that he reached out to the people he already had a prior relationship with because it’s easier for their comfort level on set.

Additionally, co-creator Jeff Schaffer noted they improvise quite a lot in the show, giving room for the guest star’s real personalities to shine.