‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman Gets Extreme Hair Makeover

Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman is back to changing the color of her hair. She has had her hair almost every color of the rainbow. Now she is trying out a color that is very different than her previous looks. Changing her look may mean that she is ready for a change in her life. New hair, new Tracie. But, she is still dealing with the same old problems with Clint Brady.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman’s Marriage to Clint Brady Suffers

Tracie Wagaman reappeared on the internet after spending some time in and out of rehab. The Love After Lockup celeb seems to have been able to ditch her addiction to drugs. But, when she left the treatment center she had to deal with another problem. Tracie said that Clint Brady was seeing another woman while she was away. According to her, this lady was married to another man.

However, the Love After Lockup alum’s luck turned around when she won two jackpots. After leaving the casino, Tracie Wagaman brought home over $15,000. She then mocked Clint Brady. She said that if he would’ve stayed with her for two more days he would be enjoying her earning as well. Yet, Clint said that Tracie was spending the money on drugs.

Tracie Wagaman Changes Look Amid Rocky Relationship with Husband Clint Brady

Tracie Wagaman recently surfaced as a whole new person. It seems like Tracie is ready to move on from Clint Brady. Women are known to change their hair when they are about to have a new beginning in life. Although Tracie is no stranger to dying her locks.

The Love After Lockup cast member dyed her hair the darkest fans have ever seen it. Tracie Wagaman has already experimented with being a blonde and a brunette. She has even had red and pink hairstyles. But, now Tracie is rocking black hair.

Many fans think Tracie’s new look is a wig. Since her new hair looks pretty thick and former photos show that her real hair is too damaged to look that thick. There is also no way that she would be able to handle any more dye. Tracie also shaved half her head while she was in prison. Nonetheless, the dark look suits her. Now she is ready to conquer the world. Even if that means leaving her Love After Lockup husband, Clint Brady, behind.

What has the WEtv Couple Been up To?

Since Tracie Wagaman has left rehab she said that she has been sober. She has also been doing Cameos for money. Her personal shout-out videos go for $95. She also said that she was trying to find a place of her own. But, her relationship with Clint Brady seems to be getting very complicated.

The Love After Lockup’s husband or ex-husband, it’s hard to keep up, said that Tracie Wagaman is still doing drugs. Clint Brady said that she has been spending her casino earning on her bad habit. She is also using the money she makes off of Cameo for the same reason. Fans have speculated in the past that she takes her Cameo earning and blows it on drugs. However, there is no telling who’s telling the truth and who’s lying.