‘Married at First Sight’ recap: Brandon moves out after Taylor posts Instagram video, Michael and Meka says they don’t trust each other

Married at First Sight featured Brandon Reid moving out after Taylor Dunklin posted a disrespectful Instagram video, Michael Watson and Meka Jones saying they didn’t trust each other, and Derek Sherman snapping at Katie Conrad during Wednesday night’s Season 10 broadcast on Lifetime.

An unprecedented five pairs of strangers were matched by returning Married at First Sight experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin Roberson, and Dr. Viviana Coles to marry on Season 10 of the Lifetime reality series.

Brandon, a 34-year-old sales manager originally from the U.S. Virgin Islands who was raised in Washington, D.C., wed Taylor, a 27-year-old research scientist from Pittsburgh, PA.

Michael, a 31-year-old education director from Washington, D.C., was shown marrying Meka, a 25-year-old category analyst from Baltimore, MD.

Katie, a 26-year-old mental health professional from Woodbridge, VA, married Derek, a 26-year-old cyber security engineer from Maryland.

Zach Justice, a 32-year-old fitness professional from St. Mary’s, GA, wed Mindy Shiben, a 34-year-old figure skating coach from Frederick, MD.

And Jessica Studer, a 31-year-old nurse manager from Oak Harbor, OH, walked down the aisle to Austin Hurd, a 31-year-old network technician from Maryland.

Married at First Sight, Episode 8
The Married at First Sight broadcast began with Michael helping Meka take out her hair extensions. Michael said he’s “a sucker for natural hair,” so he was excited to see his wife ditch the faux locks.

Meka was starting to enjoy being married to Michael, and he made her laugh.

But then Michael revealed he had turned down a job as principal of a Catholic high school, which upset Meka since the position was going to provide them financial stability in the beginning of their marriage.

However, Michael shared he had accepted another position as a director of a school.

Michael said he didn’t like the requirements and stipulations the principal job would demand of him and the school was asking him to work different hours and with different pay than he had previously discussed with them.

“I didn’t think it was the best for me to stay… It’s a little bit different when you’re doing it under certain school operations,” Michael explained.