‘Married at First Sight’ star Iris Caldwell reveals she and Keith Manley aren’t divorced yet!

Married at First Sight star Iris Caldwell has revealed she and Keith Manley aren’t divorced yet.

Iris’ marriage to Keith on Season 9 of Married at First Sight, which was set in North Carolina, ended with Keith wanting to part ways against Iris’ wishes.

Iris preferred to stay married when it became time for the couples to continue working on their marriages or get divorced on “Decision Day,” but Keith blindsided her and opted to proceed with a divorce.

During a series of Instagram Stories videos she posted during a Q&A session with her followers recently, a fan asked Iris if she and Keith are officially divorced yet.

“No,” Iris replied.

“We have to wait like a year until the separation and then I can officially file and all that stuff. But nope, [we’re not divorced]!”

Iris and Keith got married in March 2019 and, according to DivorceNet, the state of North Carolina requires a one-year separation period before filing for the type of no-fault divorce the couple is apparently seeking.

Iris and Keith therefore must be separated and living apart, in separate residences, for one year before going ahead with the divorce.

In a no-fault divorce, neither spouse reportedly has to prove the other person caused the demise of the marriage, resulting in faster and potentially more amicable proceedings.

Couples who tend to file on no-fault grounds simply grow apart or are unhappy in their relationships.

In her Instagram Q&A videos, Iris also dodged a question about whether Keith’s mother was to blame for how Keith treated her and their relationship going sour.

“Y’all are funny! I’m not answering that,” Iris said.

When asked if Iris has been in touch with Keith at all, she sang the word “no” over and over again.

In November 2019, Iris had revealed the last time she saw Keith was at Married at First Sight’s reunion special, which taped even months before that.

The reunion special featured the four couples from Season 9 gathered in-studio together two months after “Decision Day” taped to provide updates on their relationships. The reunion aired on Lifetime in September 2019.

Keith’s decision to file for divorce from Iris shocked many Married at First Sight viewers because they seemed to have a healthy relationship during the show.

The pair rarely fought during their eight-week marriage, and Keith and Iris supported each other during tough times — including the death of Keith’s beloved grandmother.

Iris therefore hasn’t been shy to admit it was difficult moving on from the marriage once cameras wrapped filming. However, Iris revealed on Instagram she has grown “tremendously” from that experience and failed relationship.

“In March, it will be a year since we would’ve gotten married. That’s huge to even think about that, so from that time to this time, I have grown tremendously in so many ways. I’m so blessed,” Iris shared.

Keith told the cameras on Married at First Sight he wanted to split from Iris because of her alleged lack of emotional maturity due to her lack of sexual and relationship experience.

Iris, however, seemed to think during filming that Keith simply had an issue with the fact she was a virgin.

When asked if she thinks having sex with Keith would have changed the outcome of their relationship, she replied, “Y’all always asked for my honesty. So that’s a no. That’s a no.”

“If somebody doesn’t want to be married, somebody just does not want to be married,” Iris added. “Aint nothing going to change that, sweetie.”

The topic of reconciliation came up during the reunion special for Keith and Iris. Iris noted she’d be willing to give Keith another chance if he’d be up for marriage counseling, but he expressed there was probably no hope of them getting back together.

Keith confessed he really wasn’t ready for a wife, and he believed at the time Iris wasn’t ready to be a wife either.

But even though Keith crushed Iris on Married at First Sight, Iris established lasting friendships and insisted the show had made her stronger, wiser and more confident than ever.

“I don’t take back or regret anything. I feel like everything happens for a reason. They’re all just learning lessons. I say that all the time,” Iris shared on Instagram, adding that she wasn’t going to answer that question anymore for people.

Married at First Sight is currently airing its tenth season on Wednesday nights at 8PM ET/PT on Lifetime.