‘Married at First Sight’ star Mindy explains why she defended Zach against her friends’ concerns

Married at First Sight star Mindy Shiben has explained why she defended Zach Justice during what was supposed to be a friendly gathering at her apartment with her friends.

During a recent Married at First Sight episode of Season 10, Mindy invited Zach over to her place when she had some friends over for wine and a good time.

But instead of the relaxed and fun atmosphere Mindy had been hoping for, one of her bridesmaids put Zach on the spot and began questioning him about why he had chosen not to move in with Mindy to the neutral apartment in Washington, D.C. the show had provided for them as newlyweds.

During a February 26 appearance on Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, Mindy watched back a clip in which she had gently told her friends off in defense of Zach, who clearly appeared uncomfortable in the situation.

“Guys, okay. I’ve got to tell my friends that I love how much you care about me and I appreciate you coming over and having wine, but I don’t want this to be about grilling Zach,” Mindy admitted in the footage.

Unfiltered host Jamie Otis pointed out Mindy seemed to get frustrated with her friends in this scene.

“What is it that’s making you come to Zach’s defense?” Jamie asked.

“I just want to encourage the behavior,” Mindy said of Zach’s decision to join her little get-together.

“He didn’t have to come over that day, and he was showing that he — I know it’s a small, little step — but he was taking time to put a small amount of effort in.”

Mindy therefore reasoned, “If we’re doing nothing but attacking him when he’s doing the small thing right, you know, he’s just going to turn around and not want to be around me.”

Zach told the cameras on Married at First Sight’s tenth season he didn’t want to move in with Mindy just to “put on a show” when their dynamic was awkward and uncomfortable, but Mindy had said on the February 12 episode of Unfiltered there was “no indication” Zach was taking their marriage seriously.

Mindy therefore felt thankful and pleased whenever Zach would be open to spending time with her, especially since she had felt pretty rejected by her husband on their honeymoon in Panama.

Mindy was still reeling from the fact Zach had told her multiple times he wasn’t attracted to her.

Mindy said their kiss on the honeymoon felt “forced” and she and Zach were not remotely close to consummating their marriage.

“It’s really hard to be open and affectionate with him if he’s not showing me any affection either — so [intimacy] is missing,” Mindy explained later in the Unfiltered broadcast.

But in addition to Zach’s presence at Mindy’s wine night, he also met her friends at a game bar and later went to her apartment alone to play some cards and do some face masks together.

The pair ended up exchanging a few laughs, and both parties could admit they were having fun together.

Earlier in the Unfiltered broadcast, Married at First Sight expert Dr. Viviana Coles also said she believes Zach’s refusal to move in with Mindy didn’t make any sense and he owed Mindy an explanation.

“I don’t think he knows what is happening,” Viviana said.

“He would have shared, I would hope, if he had good reasoning behind it. Because all of us are really flummoxed by this. I think it doesn’t make sense.”

“Whatever logic is there, he hasn’t shared it,” Viviana pointed out. “Share it! Help your wife understand.”

“You don’t owe it to us [the experts] — I mean, [he does] a little bit,” Viviana joked. “I do want to know, but you definitely owe it to your wife to explain what is happening.”

Jamie then chimed in and said, “I totally agree.”

Married at First Sight’s tenth season currently airs on Wednesday nights at 8PM ET/PT on Lifetime

In addition to Mindy and Zach, the tenth season also stars Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad, Meka Jones and Michael Watson, Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid, and Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd.