‘Married at First Sight’ star Mindy: My friends may have been right that I can’t trust Zach

Married at First Sight star Mindy Shiben believes her friends might have been right in that she can’t trust her husband Zach Justice.

During recent episodes of Married at First Sight’s tenth season, Mindy’s friends and bridesmaids have voiced complaints and concerns about Zach and his intentions for marrying on the show.

Given Zach is a personal trainer and aspiring model, Mindy’s friends feared he signed up for the show for exposure and to promote himself as well as his business.

And then Mindy’s friends’ opinion of Zach went downhill when they discovered he chose not to move in with his wife into the Washington, D.C. apartment the show had provided for the newlyweds following their honeymoon in Panama.

Mindy’s friends worried Zach was only sticking around and going through the motions in his relationship to save face on camera.

“Do you trust him?” host Jamie Otis flat out asked Mindy during the February 26 episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered.

“At this point, he really hasn’t shown me a reason to trust him,” Mindy admitted. “So, I don’t know.”

Mindy seemed torn on whether her husband really deserved her trust, especially since he had done very little to show he cared about her and their marriage.

Zach allegedly told Mindy multiple times during their honeymoon he wasn’t attracted to her, and Mindy was upset Zach chose not to try to initiate intimacy in other ways — such as holding her hand or doing thoughtful gestures like carrying her bags into and out of the hotel.

“He hasn’t done anything where it’s like, ‘Oh my God, I really can’t trust you!’ But he also hasn’t done much to develop my trust,” Mindy explained on Unfiltered.

“So I’m just kind of in this place right now where, yes, I kind of have my guard up and I’m a little skeptical, but I still want to give him a shot.”

Married at First Sight’s tenth-season star Derek Sherman joined Mindy on the Unfiltered episode and offered his perspective on her marriage at this point in the extreme eight-week experiment.

When asked whether Mindy should trust Zach, Derek admitted, “I think she should take him with a grain of salt.”

“No,” Derek continued. “Actions speak louder than words. And as of right now, there is a lack of action.”

Mindy wasn’t convinced Zach truly wanted to make their marriage work, but she planned to stay committed to him and the process regardless.

Mindy therefore found herself grateful for any time Zach wanted to spend time with her after their honeymoon, and Zach did, in fact, begin making an effort in attempt to prove divorce wasn’t on his mind already.

Not only did Zach spend time with Mindy and her friends on two separate occasions, but he also invited himself over Mindy’s place to play some card games with her one night. The pair shared a couple of laughs doing face masks together as well.

During the Unfiltered broadcast, Mindy also admitted she and Zack have had very little physical intimacy in their marriage thus far.

“Have you and Zach had any sort of intimacy?” Jamie asked Mindy during Wednesday night’s episode.

“That’s a hard, ‘No,'” Mindy quickly interjected.

“Have you consummated your marriage at all?” Jamie finished saying.

“No,” Mindy confirmed.

When asked if she or Zach had tried to initiate any intimacy in their relationship, Mindy shared, “We made out.”

“Second base!” Mindy jokingly cheered, as her other Unfiltered guests, MAFS expert Dr. Viviana Coles and Season 10 groom Derek Sherman, laughed.

“No, not really,” Mindy said on a serious note.

“During the honeymoon, we kind of started kissing and stuff a couple of times, and I hate to say it, but it was kind of forced and just, like, no, he doesn’t make me feel very wanted with any kind of physical affection or anything.”

Married at First Sight’s tenth season, which currently airs on Wednesday nights at 8PM ET/PT on Lifetime, also stars Katie Conrad, Meka Jones, Michael Watson, Taylor Dunklin, Brandon Reid, Jessica Studer, and Austin Hurd.