‘Married at First Sight’ star Taylor Dunklin: I was actually “very relieved” when Brandon Reid didn’t move in with me

Married at First Sight star Taylor Dunklin has revealed she was actually relieved when Brandon Reid chose not to move in with her after they returned home from their Panama honeymoon.

Once Taylor returned to the United States following her honeymoon, Brandon seemed to disappear and was nowhere to be found.

One thing was for sure though: Brandon chose not to move in with Taylor in the neutral apartment the show had provided for them as a couple in Washington, D.C.

“Did you agree with that decision or did you want him to move in and try to work on things?” host Jamie Otis asked Taylor on Wednesday night’s episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered.

“Honestly, the fact he wasn’t living with me at that moment, I was very relieved,” Taylor admitted.

“I was truly relieved that we didn’t have to spend the first night together.”

Taylor, however, said she’d totally expect Brandon to live with her had their relationship been on the right track.

“But if I was on better terms with Brandon, then he would have to move in,” Taylor shared. “Like, it doesn’t say anything to his commitment.”

Although Taylor and Brandon appeared to have a blast on their honeymoon after tying the knot, their time together in Panama wasn’t without a couple of bumps in the road.

Brandon seemed to ignore Taylor for almost a full day after she woke him up with a camera in his face one morning. He claimed her ambush gave him a panic attack because he’s a private and reserved guy.

And on the last day of their honeymoon, Brandon had a meltdown over the production team following him around and trying to film his every move.

Brandon apparently left Taylor with the responsibility of packing up his belongings — including the passport he had left behind — in their hotel room and picking up the pieces of their relationship.

Once the pair reunited in a van outside of the hotel, which was about to head to the airport in Panama, Brandon cussed Taylor out and ranted and raved.

“Taylor, how does it feel knowing that your relationship is in this type of a state only one week into your marriage?” Jamie asked on Unfiltered.

“Honestly, at the airport, I mean, I feel like I didn’t even want to talk to him again, at all. Like I had nothing, no words, to say,” Taylor confessed of Brandon.

“It was just the beginning of the eight weeks [of the experiment].”

Taylor said it was “really hard” for her to maintain hope after Brandon’s outburst, which apparently shocked all of the couple’s co-stars as well.

Taylor liked the sweet, thoughtful and kind side of Brandon, but she said she wanted nothing to do with the temperamental, disrespectful and rude side he had shown production.

“You know, everybody tells me, ‘This isn’t the Brandon they chose,’ and it’s just like, well maybe there’s still hope for that Brandon that they chose,” Taylor shared.

“Because I wouldn’t choose someone like this for me.”

In the latest episode of Married at First Sight’s tenth season, Brandon apologized to Taylor for his actions and revealed he was sleeping at the couple’s apartment — but in a different bedroom.

Brandon, however, received a lot of heat from Taylor’s friends and family when the married couple hosted a house-warming party. Brandon just wanted to move forward from the incident and try to better his relationship, which prompted Taylor to stand up for her husband and give him another chance.

Married at First Sight also stars Michael Watson and Meka Jones, Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben, Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman, and Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd.

Married at First Sight currently airs on Wednesday nights at 8PM ET/PT on Lifetime.