‘Married at First Sight’ star Taylor Dunklin insists she doesn’t regret posting Instagram video, Dr. Viviana Coles calls her out for insincere apology

Married at First Sight star Taylor Dunklin admits she doesn’t regret posting her Instagram video claiming to be single while married to Brandon Reid, and show expert Dr. Viviana Coles is calling her out.

After a fight with Brandon, Taylor went out with her girlfriends one night and posted a video on Instagram Stories claiming she was single and having problems “finding the right man.”

The video — which listed Taylor’s “requirements,” including a man who’s “fine as hell” and 6’3″ or taller — crushed Brandon and resulted in him moving out of their apartment and wanting to end their marriage prematurely.

“Do you regret posting this video or do you stand by it?” host Jamie Otis asked on the March 4 episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered on Lifetime.

“Umm, so, I don’t regret posting the video at all,” Taylor confessed, “because it really did get a lot of people off my back about asking if I’m in a relationship.”

Taylor claimed on Unfiltered she had posted the disrespectful video in order to keep her marriage to Brandon and participation on Married at First Sight’s tenth season a secret from fans of the show and her social-media followers.

Taylor alleged she had told Brandon her reasoning — but only after he saw the video and was offended and disgusted by it.

“But I do wish that maybe I should’ve talked to Brandon first. That’s what I wish would be different,” Taylor admitted.

Brandon was particularly hurt at the time because he believed Taylor didn’t think she was in the wrong for posting that video.

Based on what Married at First Sight aired, Taylor never really apologized to Brandon or took any responsibility or fault for what she had done. Brandon thought Taylor’s behavior indicated she didn’t want to be married or committed to him.

On the contrary, however, Taylor claimed she “apologized for making the video.”

“I said, ‘I’m sorry the video made you feel like that.’ I didn’t do it in such a malicious way that I deserve to be, like, in the wrong. Did I make a mistake? Yeah,” Taylor explained on Unfiltered.

Viviana — one of the three experts who matched Taylor and Brandon to wed on Season 10 — apparently didn’t like the way Taylor chose to “apologize.”