‘Married at First Sight’ stars Taylor and Jessica don’t believe Michael’s “sketchy” principal job story either

Married at First Sight stars Taylor Dunklin and Jessica Studer aren’t buying Michael Watson’s claim he turned down a high-paying principal job and the questionable explanation he gave his wife Meka Jones.

On Married at First Sight’s tenth season, Michael told Meka he had suddenly not be starting a new job as the principal of a Catholic high school, which frustrated and disappointed Meka since the position was going to provide them financial stability in their marriage.

Michael told Meka he had “mulled it over” and decided turning down the job would be best for him since the terms of job had changed after he had accepted the offer.

Michael said the position’s “requirements” and “stipulations” were suddenly not what he had previously discussed with the school.

However, on the same day he claimed he suddenly turned down the job, Michael told Meka he also received an offer for a lower-paying non-principal position that he had accepted.

“Oh my goodness!” host Jamie Otis said during the Wednesday, March 4 episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered. “Do you think Michael is lying about this?!”

“The principal job is the job that Michael always wanted,” Taylor responded.

“It is the job that Michael was working towards. So, it just seems weird that he would drop all of that for a job that’s not his aspirations.”

Taylor added, “So, it just does feel really made up.”

Jessica then suggested Michael’s career change was probably something he should have discussed with his wife first.

“Also, I would want input from my significant other!” Jessica said.

“Like, ‘Is this okay with you? Do you think I’m making the right decision?'” Taylor agreed.

“Yeah,” Jessica noted.

Since it sounded like Taylor wasn’t buying Michael’s explanation, Jamie asked Jessica for her thoughts.

“I’m not really buying it either,” Jessica admitted. “I mean, I don’t really know all the details, but it seems really sketchy that you decline a job offer and on the same day you get another job offer.”

“It seems really coincidental, sketchy that that happens on the same day,” Jessica reasoned.

“And I would just be really disappointed that my spouse didn’t talk about this with me.”

Jamie agreed switching jobs is “a major thing” and not a topic to be “brought up casually” or taken lightly.

“That’s a big deal!” Jamie said enthusiastically.

Michael explained to Meka on Married at First Sight of the alleged principal position, “It’s not as set like when you’re doing it under government supervision… The school is essentially being paid for by the parishioners of the church, so they can come in and change it any way they want to.”

Meka told the cameras Michael’s story “didn’t sound believable” because he had supposedly received an job offer, signed the offer letter, and agreed to it.

“Like, did you not have your offer letter?” Meka questioned in a confessional, adding that she didn’t think Michael was being truthful with her and she couldn’t trust him as a result.

Meka later asked Michael for clarification on what happened with the principal job and how he suddenly became director of a school instead. She didn’t understand when he even had time to apply for a second opportunity.

“I don’t feel 100 percent comfortable with you yet,” Michael replied, “and I don’t know all there is to know about you. There are just certain things I’d rather keep to myself.”

Meka accused Michael of taking the easy way out and vented to the cameras, “I cannot be with a liar.”

Michael initially called Meka’s accusations “ridiculous” on the show and claimed she was constantly trying to set him up for an “I got you” moment.” Michael said he was “over” Meka and their relationship, but then Meka caught him allegedly lying about being a yoga teacher.

In the presence of Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Michael eventually confessed “some of” the things he had told Meka were not true because he struggled to be his authentic self.

“But it all goes back to me being adopted, a lack of trust and being wary of people in general and not knowing what their intentions are,” Michael disclosed, adding that he felt the need to protect himself.

“I’ll be honest with you: I am a little scared of being hurt or rejected.”

Michael committed to being more truthful with Meka going forward despite the fact he was uncomfortable with being so open and vulnerable in their tense marriage.

Married at First Sight, which currently airs on Wednesday nights at 8PM ET/PT on Lifetime, also stars Mindy Shiben, Zach Justice, Katie Conrad, Derek Sherman, Austin Hurd, and Brandon Reid.