Matt Barnes Exposes Baby Mama For Faking Instagram Story After She Shares Their Text Exchange

The Former Golden State Warriors Player Calls Out Anansa Sims For Allegedly Using Pictures From Google Image On Her Instagram Story And Leaving Out Parts Of Their Text Exchange.

Matt Barnes spoke out after his baby mama Anansa Sims shared their private text exchange to prove that she never blocked him from seeing their son. He, in returned, pulled out receipts that appeared to show she had been lying on her Instagram.


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Since our break up a month and a half ago, I have honored Matt’s requests to see our son and he has seen him on every request except one on February 17th, 2020 that I rescheduled through our attorneys due to the restraining order. Matt did not show up to the visit that was scheduled on Monday, February 24th, 2 days after his post was made. The statement that Matt made on his post February 22nd, 2020 was not truthful. Particularly “Hopefully I’m allowed to see you soon”, alluding to a falsehood that I had kept him from seeing our son, Ashton. This statement was false, hurtful and damaging. The post got the reaction he was looking for. Matt mislead our friends, his followers and fans into attacking me in his comments, in my comments and my dm’s, because they were given false information. It widend the divide between black men and black women with the false narrative of the black mother keeping her child away from the black father. It is particularly egregious when men of power and privilege misuse their platform to abuse, threaten and silence. The pictures and videos posted on Matt’s highlights and main feed are not old. They are true to the date. Our visitation schedule will be determined by the Judge not by me. I grew up as a child of divorced parents. I’m blessed that both of my parents played an active role in raising me. My father was my best friend and role model for what a father should be. I believe that fathers should be in their children’s lives 1000%. I prefer family matters be private, but it was necessary that I respond publicly. If you do not tell your story, someone else will. I look forward to co-parenting peacefully. – Anansa Sims

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The retired basketballer posted side by side pictures of Anansa’s Instagram Stories and carbon-copy Google Image. One showed her supposedly on a flight to Chicago and another featured her allegedly having a scrumptious feast while in the city.

The former athlete additionally shared an alleged evidence of Anansa running to blog sites to paint him as a bad guy. Someone from a blog site sent him DMs, “Would you pay $5000 for proof your ex is giving info to the blogs. Visitation agreements. Proof you and your sister tried to jump her. Secret audio she getting. I can show you proof.”

He also suggested his baby mama excluded parts of their text exchange where things were not so civil, “If we gonna talk let’s make sure we not leaving anything out. Don’t delete parts of the convo. Let’s keep it a buck…. The Truth Shall Set You Free @diddy voice.”

Another issue Matt has with his ex is the amount of child support she demanded from him. “How’d you get $1,100 for 3 kids aged 8, 7, and 5, and you want $15,000 for 14 months old? And you and your mom thinking that getting restraining order and crying wolf on Instagram is gonna help you get the attention and more money?” he said.

Matt Barnes and Anansa Sims broke up in January after more than a year of dating. He accused her of keeping him away from their son while she claimed he stalked and threatened her. Both vehemently denied each other’s accusations.