Pop Smoke’s Family Says ‘Inaccurate’ Reports About His Murder Cause ‘Unnecessary Pain’

Rapper Pop Smoke’s family is saying the rumors floating around about the reason or motive for the young rapper’s murder is causing unnecessary pain for them, as they are still grieving his death.

The Jackson family issued a statement thanking his fans and others for the outpouring of support and well wishes sent to them following the tragedy. But, warned there was no public information they could share about the motive for this horrible crime committed against the rapper.

Pop Smoke’s Family Says Its In ‘Unnecessary Pain’

“The family of Bashar ‘Pop Smoke’ Jackson would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone for your support. Every prayer, call, and act of kindness is deeply appreciated as we mourn the loss of our son, brother, and friend, the statement began.

It continued, “Brooklyn knew him as Bashar. He was educated and nurtured in Brooklyn and his rise to fame all developed from the place he proudly represented. Within the last year, his extraordinary giftedness was revealed to the world, introducing Pop Smoke.”

Multiple Theories Reported On Cause Of Pop Smoke’s Death

The family’s comments then seemed to reference some sort of inaccurate reporting or rumor about the reason for the shooting, saying, “Unfortunately, there are no public details available regarding the murder of our loved one. We ask for respect and responsible reporting during this critical time. Inaccurate reports only add unnecessary pain to a grieving family.”

The representative of the family isn’t specific about which report or story they are referring too. Several different theories have been put forth by law enforcement and the investigators working on the case.

As we reported, Smoke’s best friend Mike Dee went public after someone accused him of setting up his friend for the situation.

Rapper’s Best Friend Denies Any Involvement With Incident

“Can’t nothing express the pain I’m feeling…I just lost my f-ing brother, my heart my dawgz. You guys have no type of sense or sympathy! Y’all don’t kno what’s going on yall come on here playing investigator and bashing me on the internet, I would never in my life set up my brother up, we ate together, broke bread together, this really my mother child,” he posted on Instagram.

He continued, “I don’t gotta explain nothing to nobody that don’t kno me but for the ones who know me know when you saw me you saw Pop. We live in such a f-up society yall gotta wake up. Just kno I got you forever brother the truth will come to light until then sleep in peace.”

As for law enforcement’s theory about the murder, at first, the investigators looked into the possibility it was some sort of robbery after Pop Smoke was seen flashing wads of cash earlier in the afternoon. Also, he accidentally posted his home address in a video on Instagram. But, according to LAPD, the suspects left the home with nothing in their arms that would indicate the came to steal anything.

The investigation is ongoing.