Rachel Lindsay accuses Madison Prewett of going on ‘The Bachelor’ for publicity — She knew Peter didn’t have the values she wants, so why was she there?

Rachel Lindsay is accusing Madison Prewett of going on The Bachelor for the wrong reasons, questioning why Madison has already signed with an agent and would want to compete for the type of guy the franchise typically casts.

Rachel couldn’t help but question Madison’s motives during an episode of her Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with co-host Becca Kufrin that was released after The Bachelor finale aired on ABC.

Rachel started out by accusing Madison of having gone on the show for the publicity.

“So Madison already has a manager/PR person/agent who couldn’t wait more than five seconds to post that this is her new client,” Rachel revealed.

Rachel addressed Becca and continued, “It so goes into something that we talked about this season when it comes to [something] we couldn’t understand — and I really wish we had the opportunity to talk to Madison and I really wish we had the opportunity to talk to Peter about [this].”

Rachel then danced around the irony of an uber-religious virgin, who wants to pursue a life of ministry and lives for the Lord, competing on a show like The Bachelor.

Not to mention this season’s star, Peter Weber, was best known before Season 24 premiered for having been intimate with Hannah Brown four times in a windmill during their Fantasy Suite date on The Bachelorette last year.

“Why are you here when you’re looking for a certain type of man who has certain values, certain standards?” Rachel explained.

Madison had told Peter while filming the season she wanted a faith-filled man who could be the religious leader of her family. Madison said she prioritizes the Lord above all else and also told ABC her dream is to build an orphanage.

On the other hand, Peter’s family apparently views the pilot as a “spiritual” but sexually-driven guy who loves to party, line dance and go clubbing.

Rachel pointed out that while there’s “nothing wrong” with Madison’s beliefs and standards, The Bachelor was a surprising place for her to look for love.

“You should want what you want for yourself, but the confusing part comes in when you’re looking for him in a place where usually those type of men don’t dwell,” Rachel shared.

“And as we understand, Peter is not that type of man for you, which is his parents’ and friends’ concern. And in trying to figure out the logical way of, ‘What could her possible motivation and reason be for being here?’ One of those is that she wants the experience, the platform, the Bachelorette, the followers, whatever!”

Rachel then elaborated on why she’s doubting Madison’s sincerity and intentions.

“I just find it very coincidental that she has hired a manager/PR person/agent to represent her — which we knew, prior to the season being over with, because that person posted her on International Women’s Day and the season was still going — and now couldn’t miss a beat to let everybody know, ‘Hey, if you want dibs on Madison, I represent her,’ which makes me question her motives this entire time!” Rachel admitted.

“I’m sorry,” Rachel said, but unapologetically.

“I’m sorry. I know Madison fans are going to come after me, but I’m sorry. You have to be logical about this situation! [Hannah Ann Sluss] told us she doesn’t even have [an agent] and this girl has been modeling for years!”

Becca pointed out she was a rule-follower when she previously starred on The Bachelorette and “there are certain timelines you have to adhere to when you are the lead.

“Getting representation at that point doesn’t add up,” Becca noted.

“I for one don’t even have an agent yet, and I was Bachelorette two years ago! I still just do most things myself. So, Rachel, as you just mentioned, you’re probably going to get a lot of backlash for that, but that’s not the case people! Rachel is calling it like it is!” Becca said in defense of her podcast co-host.

“It’s a very strange scenario we find ourselves in after this whole Bachelor world, but it doesn’t add up. It’s very interesting to me given the timeline of everything. It doesn’t make sense.”

That aside, Becca revealed her takeway from The Bachelor finale, which ultimately supports Rachel’s suspicions.

“Madison sent herself home two days before the finale because, as she said, their lifestyles and their morals don’t line up… Nothing since then has changed though besides Peter still saying he loves her,” Becca said.

Becca and Rachel agreed Peter getting engaged to another woman and having an intimate relationship with her for months would seem more drastic and unforgivable in Madison’s eyes than sleeping with a woman in the Fantasy Suites. Yet, Madison wants to be with Peter now.

“You’re so easily willing to take him back?!” Rachel exclaimed, referencing how Peter had promised Hannah Ann “forever” and his whole heart, only to dump her shortly afterwards.

“How can it still hold true that she knows what she wants and deserves better but yet she goes running back to him? There are just so many contradictions. It’s so confusing that I understand why his family has their concerns.”

Peter and Madison are believed to be dating now and trying to make things work one step at a time in the real world despite disapproval from Peter’s family and criticism the couple is not compatible.