See The Amazing Photos As ‘1000-LB Sisters’ Amy Slaton Shows Off 100-LB Weight Loss

1000-LB Sisters‘ star Amy Slaton is showing off her amazing 100-lb weight loss, in several new photos, and selfies she decided shared on her social media.

The reality star took to Instagram, to post several shots of her face, where it is obvious, the gastric weight loss surgery is working its magic!

In the photos, you can tell Amy is keeping off the 100-lb’s that she dropped following the surgery during season 1 of the show!

It’s incredible, you have you see the progress!

At this point, fans of the popular reality show are clamoring for an announcement that it will be back for a season 2. But, at this point, nothing has been said about the future of the Slaton sisters.

It’s obvious, based on the new set of photos, and the girls youtube pages that they have become a lot more active since the show is not in production.

But, many fans point out that a lot of storylines in the show are left unanswered, including Amy’s sister Tammy’s weight loss journey.

According to reports, during a recent conversation with Tammy Slaton on social media, she responded to a fan that the show was NOT coming back for a second season.

“No, sorry. We’re not doing another season,” she said to a fan who was inquiring.

But, many die-hard fans of the show believed Tammy may have just been sulking a bit based on the fact that Amy was cleared the gastric weight loss surgery, and she was not.

This hasn’t stopped Amy from posting updates from her weightloss including these pics where she looks amazing!

At this point, she has lost over 100 POUNDS! Check It Out!


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So much happier now that I cut my hair. Gastric bypass surgery makes your hair fall out. So I cut it to help with that problem.

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“Gastric bypass surgery makes your hair fall out. So I cut it to help with that problem,” Amy captioned the new photos! In the pics, she is sporting a shore bob type cut, and it looks great.

Fans of the show are pressing the network to give the girls a Season 2, and many of them have taken to the girls’ YouTube pages to explain their feelings for it.

“I never thought there would come a day, where I would even think about resubscribing and feeling positive about you and your channel. Never. It is amazing to see the transformation – you’re more confident, positive, no drama, no trolling, no lies, bullsh*t or blaming or making excuses,” one fan said.

We will see! For now, keep up the good work!