Serena Williams Shares Adorable Video Of Daughter Waking Up Daddy

Serena Williams gave fans a rare glimpse into her family life with her husband, Alexis Ohanian, and their daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. Showcasing what a typical Saturday looks like for the famous trio, the tennis star posted a hilarious video of their 2-year-old bouncing off the walls at the early hours as her Reddit co-founder dad attempted to sleep in on the weekend. Serena Williams’ adorable daughter was wide awake as she jumped up and down on the bed in an attempt to get Alexis Ohanian out of his slumber.

Laying in bed next to Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams held the phone tight trying to capture the tiny tot’s hyperactive moment while laughing in the background. In the early AM footage, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. can be seen wearing a yellow tutu while crawling all over her parents’ bed. “WAKE UP!” their daughter is heard saying over and over again until her daddy acknowledged her. Sporting a full bead-head look, Alexis Ohanian can also be seen wearing a hot wheels tank top, something his wife made sure to make fun of.


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What sticks out most? @olympiaohanian wake up? @christopherchip being everywhere or…… @alexisohanian Hot Wheels nightie? 🧐🤔

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It was total chaos in the Williams-Ohanian household, something many first-time parents can totally relate to. “What sticks out most? @olympiaohanian wake up? @christopherchip being everywhere or…… @alexisohanian Hot Wheels nightie? 🧐🤔,” Serena Williams joked in the caption. Fans are going wild over the funny video and can level with the tennis star in so many ways. “Children—the most effective alarm clocks!” one person replied. “Kids are so mean they never let you sleep 😂😂😂😂😂” stated another. “My kid is exactly the same. Long gone are the days of a decent sleep in,” laughed a third.

Even Serena Williams’ famous friends are dropping hilarious comments on her adorable footage. ” I just love her ❤️❤️,” wrote La La Anthony. Bozoma Saint John commented, “This is the best wake up alarm!! 😂,” and Naomi Watts responded with three heart emojis. Days before the wake-up video, Alexis Ohanian was praised for his daddy skills after willingly letting the two-year-old paint his nails with actual paint instead of nail polish. “Looks like @initialized needs to invest in the future of nail painting 🙃💅,” he joked while showing off her creation.