‘Survivor: Winners At War’ recap: Tyson Apostol blindsided and voted out at Tribal Council

Survivor: Winners At War featured Tyson Apostol getting blindsided and voted out of his Dakal tribe at Season 40’s fifth Tribal Council session and heading to the Edge of Extinction during Wednesday night’s episode on CBS.

Tyson — the winner of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, who also previously appeared on Survivor: Tocantins and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains — was voted out of his Dakal tribe on Night 11 of the game instead of Survivor: One World winner Kim Spradlin and Survivor: David vs. Goliath winner Nick Wilson.

Kim and Nick apparently each received one vote, based on the votes Survivor host Jeff Probst read aloud.

“It’s for sure a bummer being voted out, but Extinction does take a little bit of the sting out of it,” Tyson said in his final words.

“I assume it’s just going to be living the aloha lifestyle 24/7. Pina Coladas, perhaps.”

Survivor: Winners at War, Episode 4
The Survivor broadcast began on Night 9 at the Sele tribe.

The Sele tribe was made up of Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites winner and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains runner-up Parvati Shallow, who also appeared on Survivor: Cook Islands; Survivor: Millennials vs. Generation X winner Adam Klein; Survivor: Redemption Island winner and Survivor: All-Stars runner-up Rob Mariano, who also appeared on Survivor: Marquesas and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains; Survivor: Philippines winner Denise Stapley; Survivor: Kaoh Rong winner Michele Fitzgerald; Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers winner Ben Driebergen; and Survivor: Cambodia winner Jeremy Collins, who also appeared on Survivor: San Juan del Sur.

Adam thought Parvati was going home but had revealed his alliance’s plan to Rob, so Adam acknowledged Rob had betrayed him and he was “castrated” in front of everybody.

Parvati thanked Rob for having her back, and Adam admitted he had done everything you’re not supposed to do in Survivor. He had been left out of the vote executed by the people he was supposed to be working with.

“I was playing all sides and unfortunately everybody knows it, and I’m lucky to be here. Now, I feel like everything has changed and so I need to make an apology tour,” Adam said in a confessional.

Adam told Ben, for example, he was sorry and promised he’d never work with Rob again. No one in the tribe appreciated Adam right now, but Ben noted Adam was lucky since the two biggest threats on their tribe remained — Rob and Parvati.

Over at Dakal’s camp on Day 10, the castaways appeared to be having a good time and getting along.

The Dakal tribe was comprised of Tyson; Kim; Nick; Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains winner Sandra Diaz-Twine; Survivor: Game Changers winner Sarah Lacina, who also previously appeared on Survivor: Cagayan; Survivor: South Pacific winner Sophie Clarke; Survivor: Cagayan winner Tony Vlachos, who also appeared on Survivor: Game Changers; Survivor: Ghost Island winner Wendell Holland; and Survivor: Cook Islands winner Yul Kwon.

Yul said his tribe was on a roll, as they were winning challenges and had plenty of food.

Yul said the tribe had this illusion everyone was tight but Nick, Wendell, himself, and Sophie were the strongest alliance in the tribe — although no one was expecting that to be the case.

Edge of Extinction
Meanwhile, on the Edge of Extinction, the voted-out castaways learned they could each earn a Fire Token if they could climb to the top of the steps of a massive hill, grab 20 pieces of firewood, walk them back down the hill, and then place them it into a pile.

But there was a catch: The castaways could only take one piece of firewood at a time, meaning they must make 20 trips back and forth in order to get the job done. They also had to finish the task before sundown.

Everyone was blown away by what was being asked of them, but Ethan Zohn had faith he could do it since he had already survived cancer, played professional soccer, and ran marathons.

All of the players on the Edge of Extinction went for it, including Natalie Anderson, who had already obtained three Fire Tokens. She called it “the hardest thing” she had ever done, both mentally and physically.

Ethan started struggling on Log 10 and admitted doubt had started to creep in that he could finish.

Amber Mariano said she was “completely depleted” and had “nothing left” in her as she was nearing the end of her quest.

And then suddenly, after 16 trips and only four more to go, Ethan collapsed onto a rock and grew very faint. A medic tended to him and revealed his blood pressure was low and if he didn’t allow himself to rest, he would, in fact, faint.

Ethan, however, decided he wasn’t going to stop in order to prove to himself he could do it. He remembered how he had gone through much worse — including spinal taps, radiation and chemotherapy — and so he could accomplish this.

When Natalie and Amber were finally finished, they both broke down into tears and released everything they had built up inside of them.

Considering Ethan inspired everyone, the other castaways joined him for his final leg to show their support and be a part of something pretty historical.

Amber acknowledged the handful of castaways had created a very “strong bond” in such a short period of time, and Ethan said he’d remember that moment for the rest of his life.

Day 11 – Sele tribe
On Day 11, Michele and Rob were shown chatting and bonding a bit on Sele while Adam suddenly became very helpful around camp.

Adam worked very hard on the island, knowing his tribemates were disappointed in him. Jeremy recognized Adam was desperately trying to save himself, and he said as long as Adam didn’t resort back to his sneaky, weasel-like old ways, they could resume working together.

Rob and Parvati hated being at the mercy of others, but Parvati had an extra Fire Token from Ethan.

The pair was hoping Adam would say something he shouldn’t so they could rat him out to the others and paint a target on his back, but Adam noted he wasn’t going to give them that satisfaction and ammunition.

Rob, however, told the cameras he could easily lie about Adam since that’s what Survivor is all about. Although Adam hadn’t said anything or backstabbed anybody, Rob told Jeremy that Adam had been trying to talk strategy with him.

“Wow, Adam went and opened his big mouth again. He’s playing both sides over and over again,” Michele said in a confessional. “I am so sick of it.:

Rob therefore suggested Adam needed to go next, and Jeremy and Michele agreed.

“He can’t switch it off. [Adam] can go. I can’t keep babysitting him and keeping him around. It’s driving me crazy and I’m done with it,” Jeremy told the cameras.

Day 11 – Dakal tribe
Over at Dakal’s camp on Day 11, Sarah and Tyson were getting along great, but she knew no one else trusted him.

Sarah said she was having so much fun out there and meshed well with Tyson, so she hoped to continue having him as an ally.

Tyson said the game was “eerily calm” but gaming was going on “nonstop.”

Tyson explained the bigger threats weren’t going after each other and the not-connected players — who had only played the game one time — weren’t even on anybody’s radar. Tyson was talking about Wendell, Nick, Yul and Sophie.

Tyson told Sandra and Tony they were going to get “popped one at a time,” but Sandra thought Tyson was making “shady” moves just trying to keep himself safe.

Sandra said Tyson had come after her days ago and so he was in “deep doody” and needed to go next.

Immunity and Reward Challenge
Later that day, the two tribes met Jeff for the season’s next Immunity Challenge, which also served as a Reward Challenge.

For the challenge, four tribe members were attached to a boat, with three others in it.

On Jeff’s “go,” the four tribemates had to jump into the ocean and pull the boat to a nearby tower the castaways must climb in order to retrieve three keys hanging high above a narrow wooden beam.

Those keys would unlock puzzle pieces, and then each tribe must solve the puzzle.