‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Fires Back At Dog Abuse Allegations

Farrah Abraham has come under fire for accusations of animal abuse, but the reality star is not taking it lying down, and has fired back saying the abuse claims are made up by a bunch of “haters.”

The allegations surfaced after the ‘Teen Mom OG‘ star posted video of her dogs playing around the house, and one of them had what appeared to be a red ribbon tied around her mouth.

Also, to make matters worse, the two Pomeranian’s fur is dyed blue and pink. In the video, you can see that ‘Boo’ is dyed blue, and ‘Cupcake’ is dyed bright pink.

Farrah Fires Back At Abuse Allegations…It Is A Muzzle!

After posting the video, several of her followers tagged PETA and the ASPCA calling for them to investigate this alleged animal abuse. So a PETA spokesperson issued a statement, saying, “Subjecting dogs to the stress of being dyed—which is also potentially toxic—and restricting their opportunities to eat, drink, and even breathe by tying a ribbon around their mouth are cruel acts that can have fatal consequences, and they show a profound lack of empathy.”

It continued, “PETA urges Farrah Abraham to start treating dogs like more than fashion accessories or surrender them to someone who will love them unconditionally.”

Reality Stars Says She Is Receiving Death Threats…

Farrah is now firing back letting everyone know that what she is doing is totally within the “guidelines of the law.”

The reality star told The Sun, “Haters made up a ‘ribbon’ is on my pets, which is false. We use a muzzle per a trainer’s review for her training, which are sold at all pet stores.”

Farrah told the outlet that her family is now receiving “death threats” over the video and that the “harassment” of her loved ones is “unnecessary and awful.”

“Sophia treats [the dogs] as sister and brother, like royalty. We do have emotional support animals and they must be trained to the guidelines of the law,” Farrah added.

Farrah’s Dog Ownership Subject Of Controversy In The Past

This is not the first time Farrah’s dog ownership has been the subject of controversy. In 2018, she was accused of having some responsibility in the death of another of the family’s dogs after their Pomeranian ‘Blue’ passed away.

At the time, Farrah explained, “I’m in disbelief and she hands me my half limp Blue — thinking low sugar, we grab syrup and water, his eyes looking at me as if he’s talking, but his tongue can’t move and his body can’t, but I see in his eyes he loves seeing his water and food. I feel his heart beating and we’re giving him love, but as his body goes limper we call the emergency vet and rush to the emergency hospital and no heartbeat found was found.”