‘The Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison defends Peter Weber keeping Victoria Fuller despite “volatile” romance

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison is defending Peter Weber’s controversial decision to keep Victoria Fuller in the running for his heart despite being warned she’s allegedly broken up relationships.

Chris said it’s not that surprising Peter has stayed in his “volatile” relationship with Victoria during an interview with Us Weekly.

“It’s one of those relationships, I see it often on the show, and you see it in life, where there’s passion, there’s chemistry, but it’s so volatile,” Chris explained to Us on Wednesday.

“And from the outside looking in, you think, ‘What do you do? What are you doing?’ It’s so clear.”

Chris suggested Peter probably wasn’t aware of how unhealthy his romance with Victoria truly was while they were dating on the show.

“It’s what makes the show so relatable. When you’re in those relationships. It’s really a lot easier said than done to just walk away,” Chris insisted.

“If you’ve ever been in those relationships, the magnetic draw — and I’ve been in it! I’ve been in a relationship exactly like it as well, and I stayed and I went back and I stayed, went back and I made those same mistakes.”

Peter has struggled in his relationship with Victoria ever since he realized he was smitten with her.

Victoria told The Bachelor star in previous episodes the competitive process was especially difficult for her because she’s shy and never tends to be the most outgoing girl in a room.

Victoria has also had trouble expressing her emotions and feelings to Peter, claiming she’s afraid to fall and get hurt. Because of those fears, she has also threatened to quit the show and give up on the pilot.

“So you have to, you have to give Peter a little bit of a wide berth. You know, this is the craziest thing. We’ve all — we all do stuff like this,” Chris added.

But drama came to a head during Victoria’s hometown date in Virginia Beach, when one of Peter’s ex-girlfriends from years ago, Merissa Pence, showed up to warn him that Victoria’s character is questionable and she’s allegedly responsible for breaking up relationships.

During Monday night’s The Bachelor episode, Peter and Victoria fought about Merissa’s allegations outside of the home in which Peter was going to meet the bachelorette’s entire family.

Things quickly spun out of control and so Peter left Victoria standing outside, bawling her eyes out.

The next day, however, Victoria paid Peter a visit to his hotel room and asked for a second chance because she allegedly really cared for and was falling in love with him.

Despite red flags and the fact Peter and Victoria seem to fight on The Bachelor’s 24th season more than they get along, Peter gave her a rose and advanced her to Fantasy Suites along with Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett.

Peter has therefore received backlash from many The Bachelor fans for being indecisive and making poor choices.

“You know, one of the things I appreciate about that franchise and the fans is they are loyal, and they are sincere and serious and they are passionate, and their resolve and following the show… I do love that and I listened to it,” Chris told the magazine.

“I do hear it all. And so I love and I respect all of their opinions, too.”

But Chris said “luckily, Peter has a thick skin” and he’s able to brush insults and criticism off his shoulder.

“And it’s getting thicker by the day,” Chris noted. “I know he’s taken a little bit of a beating, but he has a good support system. He has a great family, a lot of people that love him.”

Merissa recently elaborated on her allegations, telling Us that Victoria ruined four marriages because she had affairs with the husbands.

Merissa called Victoria a “self-centered” woman who craves attention and thinks the world revolves around her.

Merissa casually dated Peter for five months in 2012 and lives in the same Virginia Beach area as Victoria.