‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Contestants Clash at Women Tell-All

The Bachelor spoilers wouldn’t be complete without the eliminated contestants hashing out some very unfinished business. And Peter Weber’s season is no different. Tammy Ly will duke it out with several other ladies including Sydney Hightower and Shiann Lewis. Plus, Alayah Benavidez and Victoria Paul will finally address the parts they played in each other’s dramatic exits. So, what else goes down at the Bachelor: Women Tell-All special?

The Bachelor Spoilers Update: Tammy Ly Faces Backlash From Other Contestants

It’s no surprise Tammy Ly is making waves for causing drama during the Women Tell-All special. In fact, it’s predictable after her behavior on Peter Weber’s Bachelor season. She was known for being loud and that’s ultimately what ended up costing her a rose. She and Mykenna Dorn couldn’t put pettiness behind them and Peter cut them both in Santiago, Chile.

According to The Bachelor spoilers, Tammy just can’t keep her mouth shut at the WTA and clashes with several of the other women. She and Sydney Hightower go at it with Shiann Lewis chiming in. Plus, we get to see Mykenna and Tammy battle it out some more when Tammy criticizes Kelsey Weier’s Champagne Gate meltdown.

Alayah Benavidez & Victoria Paul Set The Record Straight

One of the most controversial moments this season was Alayah Benavidez’s elimination, sudden return, and another elimination. Sydney convinced Peter Weber that Alayah was fake and used her pageant background to support her claim. Obviously, like half of Peter’s Bachelor contestants had some kind of pageant experience, so it shouldn’t have been an issue.

Victoria Paul told The Bachelor pilot that Alayah asked her not to let anyone know they were friends. But Alayah said that the two were good friends and went to Las Vegas and Victoria P denied it. Yet, Peter believed the blonde and sent Alayah home. Then, when she came back, it was revealed the Victoria was lying and Peter still ended up sending Alayah away again.

Eventually, Victoria P quit The Bachelor when Peter said he couldn’t see her as his future wife. It left fans and Peter confused and heartbroken, respectively. But during tonight’s Women Tell-All Alayah clears the air and says she and Victoria are still good friends. She even says that the other girl has been really supportive of her. But the audience and Savannah aren’t as understanding.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Victoria Fuller & Kelsey Weier Get The Spotlight

Victoria Fuller and Kelsey Weier are the only two women to have an individual interview in the hot seat with Chris Harrison. Kelsey looks back on her time on the show and says she’s still “looking for love”. But Victoria F has to face the music after the accusations that she caused several marriages to break up. What will she say about the rumors that she knowingly helped multiple men cheat on their wives?

Watch The Bachelor tonight at 8/7c on ABC to find out.