‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Does Madison Prewett Ditch Peter Weber at the Final Rose Ceremony?

The Bachelor spoilers tease an unsure ending for Peter Weber and one of his final three, Madison Prewett. After finding out that Peter might have slept with Hannah Ann Sluss or Victoria Fuller, Madison walked away. She revealed she’s saving herself for marriage and wasn’t sure if she could be with Peter if he didn’t respect it. But does she leave before the final rose ceremony?

The Bachelor Spoilers: Madison Prewett Give Peter Weber an “Ultimatum”

Last week’s episode left Bachelor Nation fans dying to know what happens between Peter Weber and Madison Prewett. The fantasy suites caused the 23-year-old Alabama native to drop some major truth bombs on The Bachelor. One of which was that she isn’t planning on having sex until after she gets married. This happened during the week eight rose ceremony.

“It would be really hard for me to move forward,” she says about Peter Weber having sex with the other contestants, Victoria and Hannah Ann. So, Madison Prewett doesn’t want the Delta pilot sleeping around with the other women. It’s normal to say in the real world, but that’s not how The Bachelor works. The two other remaining women saw this as “unfair”.

Peter Weber Respects Madison Prewett’s Beliefs & Didn’t Think Conversation Was Ultimatum

In a recent interview, Peter Weber revealed his thoughts on his conversation with Madison Prewett. He didn’t see her words as “an ultimatum”. In fact, The Bachelor says he “respects the hell” out of Madison Prewett for sharing her beliefs and sticking to them, despite being on television.

Once the fantasy suites began, Peter appeared to get very close with Hannah Ann and then Victoria. And when it came time for Madison Prewett’s night, things went downhill quickly. She asked Peter Weber if he had been intimate and he told her the truth. That he can see both Hannah Ann and also Victoria being “together” with him at the end of The Bachelor. Madison excused herself in tears while Peter remained at the table also crying. The episode ends on this agonizing cliffhanger.

The Bachelor: Madison Skips The Last Rose Ceremony?

In a spoiler for tonight’s finale, we see Hannah Ann and Victoria F standing around at the location for the final and last rose ceremony. “Where’s Maddie?” Victoria asks as they wait there looking awkward. The scene changes to Peter Weber who reveals, “I’m so emotionally drained right now”.

Everyone’s crying as they wait for Madison Prewett to show up — or for Chris Harrison or Peter to say something. But nothing happens. So, does Madison ditch Peter at the FRC or is she just running late? Tune in to ABC tonight at 8/7 to find out what happens.