Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott’s Relationship Had A Questionable Start

Tori Spelling was the teen queen during the ’90s. The actress rose to fame when she starred on the popular show, Beverly Hills, 90210. Since then, Spelling got entangled in family drama and a streak of financial trouble. But the TV star didn’t let this stop her from pursuing her own life as a mother and wife. Spelling has been married to Dean McDermott since 2006, and the two have five children together. While Spelling and McDermott have had a very long-term marriage, the way it began wasn’t as easy or free from drama.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s Complicated History

When Tori Spelling first met Dean, the two were working on the film Mind Over Murder. The actress was married to Charlie Shanian, and Dean was married to Mary Jo Eustace, at the time. The pair began an affair while filming the movie, which led to each of them divorcing their respective former partners. Spelling wrote in her memoir that when she met her second husband, it was “love at first sight”. After the two ended their first marriages, they tied the knot in May 2006 during a private ceremony in Fiji.

A year after they married, the two welcomed their first child, Liam. In January 2007, the couple purchased a bed and breakfast together for their reality series, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. During their time on the show together, they welcomed their second and third child. After their fourth child was born, it was revealed that Dean had cheated on Tori.

It was also a stressful time for Tori Spelling, due to her having a very difficult pregnancy with her son that led to her being on bed rest. In another reality series, the cheating scandal was addressed on the show True Tori. The two attended therapy sessions, where McDermott admitted to having an addiction to sex on the show, and Spelling had a breakdown. Dean McDermott checked himself in rehab for treatment.

Tori and Dean Move Past the Drama
By 2016, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott had worked on their marriage. Dean proposed to his wife again in Paris. But the couple made headlines again after it was reported that they owed almost $39,000 in unpaid credit card debt. In 2017, the couple had their fifth child together. The couple seemed to have some more drama between them, after a 911 call was made about a dispute at Spelling’s home.

While it wasn’t confirmed if the argument was between the husband and wife, eventually the situation blew over. In 2019, McDermott finally opened up about the difficulties of being faithful. “Monogamy is hard for, I guess, several reasons — for wanting that initial lust that we have intrinsically built into us,” he stated.

He continued, “It’s [been] in our DNA for millions and millions of years. There’s that, but then there’s also, ‘Oh, God. This relationship is work.’ And it is. Every relationship is work and when you get to that point, you can’t bail. You’ve gotta knuckle under and work it out.”

Despite the ups and downs, and the drama, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have made it very clear that they’re never giving up on their love.