Truth About Beyonce Acting Like A Diva

Beyonce is the “queen bee” and there’s no question about it. However, because of the singer’s large following and immense talent, she has often been the subject of false stories by tabloids regarding her alleged “diva” behavior. Here are the four times Gossip Cop busted the unreliable tabloids for phony articles about Beyonce.

Our first bust occurred in February 2018, when Radar Online falsely claimed Beyonce “stiffed” the staff at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The website alleged the staff “hated” whenever Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, visited because the pop star would never tip. A hotel-worker supposedly dubbed the singer “Cheap-Yonce’” because she was “so frugal.” While it was true that Beyonce did occasionally visit the Polo Lounge at the hotel, there was no evidence indicating the singer gained a reputation for being cheap. The phony website had a history of painting the singer as difficult and unfair to her employees. Gossip Cop busted the bogus story at the time.

A month later, the National Enquirer alleged Beyonce was “battling” Jay-Z over top-billing for their ‘On The Run II’ tour. The publication asserted the singer was “lobbying for top-billing” with an anonymous source stating, “If Jay and Beyonce were touring with anyone else, there is no way their people would agree to the second spot. Beyonce will get top billing.” The idea that a husband and wife would compete for a top-billing spot was absurd on its face, still, Gossip Cop investigated the story and found no truth to it. A source who works for Beyonce assured us the story was “stupid.”

Earlier this year, Life & Style falsely claimed Beyonce hired a doorman to follow her around and open doors for her. The ludicrous account claimed the singer had become such a diva that she refused to open her doors in her own home. “If she gets to the door too quickly, beating her doorman to the punch, she stops and waits, annoyed, as he tries to catch up to her,” a dubious source told the publication. The article was so laughable, it hardly needed correcting. There was no way the singer became that stuck-up she couldn’t even open a door for herself. Gossip Cop wasted no time in dismissing the absurd tale when it came out.

Last month, we corrected a bogus article from Heat which stated Beyonce signed on to do a Las Vegas residency. The unreliable outlet asserted the singer was offered $1 million per show, with a supposed source claiming, “Bey doesn’t need the money, but she’s been offered to play in one of the most prestigious venues, it would be stupid to turn that down.” The publication didn’t know what it was talking about. There was never an announcement made regarding the singer doing a residency.

The tabloids don’t have a clue about Beyonce. Even though one of her hit songs is called “Diva”, she’s far from it in reality.