Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown’s reconciliation didn’t surprise ‘The Bachelorette’ host Chris Harrison — I knew Hannah wanted it

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown‘s reconciliation didn’t surprise The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison, who says Hannah had been desiring it for some time.

Hannah traveled to Tyler’s hometown of Jupiter, FL, on March 14 to social distance with Tyler, his brother Ryan Cameron and a handful of other friends, who turned themselves into the “Quarantine Crew.”

Hannah stayed with Tyler for nearly three weeks until she finally returned home to Tuscaloosa, AL, on April 1, and it’s widely believed the former The Bachelorette couple had slept in the same bed during their time together.

“I wasn’t surprised by Hannah and Tyler [quarantining together],” Chris, 48, told Glamour on Friday.

“I saw that coming. Hannah has been shipping that for quite some time, so I think that one I could possibly see happening. I’m glad it did. If it did.”

Chris wasn’t able to provide any details on the status of Tyler and Hannah’s relationship, but he apparently thinks their friendship could definitely turn romantic again.

“I don’t know what it is,” Chris admitted. “They haven’t defined it, so I’m definitely not going to define it. But I wish them well.”

Chris said he has yet to reach out to the pair but when he does speak to them, he doesn’t plan on pressing them for information on what’s going on.

“I figure I’ll let them define their own lives and figure out what they’re doing,” Chris noted.

Not only are fans looking for answers on Tyler and Hannah’s dynamic, but people have also been wondering about The Bachelor’s Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan, who have been quarantining with each other in Chicago, IL, for over two weeks now.

“When we all come out of this, there’s to be a lot of catching up to do to figure out what’s been going on,” Chris told Glamour. “We might have to have a quarantine Tell-All.”

Hannah, Tyler and their “Quarantine Crew” had released hilarious Instagram and TikTok videos during Hannah’s stay in Florida.

The group enjoyed the beach, danced, exercised, dressed up in costumes, and pulled pranks on each other while trying to protect themselves and others from the spread of coronavirus.

A source told Us Weekly last month that Hannah and Tyler “have a lot of love for each other” but aren’t officially dating.

“It’s been a hectic year for them both,” the source said. “And they finally found some time in their schedules to connect.”

Tyler also recently dubbed Hannah just “a good friend,” but he got very defensive when Instagram users said he’s not the perfect guy for Hannah earlier this week.

“How many cats do you have?” Tyler quipped in reply.

Another Instagram user reportedly wrote, “Tyler probably won’t read this, but I’m sorry you definitely have 2 personalities. The dear sweet one on The Bachelor and the one who is acting like a total jerk. Hannah probably couldn’t get away from you fast enough.”

And Tyler responded, “Looks like we got another cat lady on our hands.”

Tyler also raised eyebrows when he dodged questions about his relationship with Hannah in two different Instagram Live sessions in late March, according to Us.

Tyler reportedly answered two questions about whether he’s dating Hannah with a sarcastic joke, neither confirming or denying anything romantic is going on between them.

“Tyler and Hannah are very much aware of the attention that’s been on them recently,” the source told the magazine last month.

Tyler lives in New York City but has remained in Jupiter ever since the tragic death of his mother Andrea Cameron from a brain aneurysm at age 55 last month.

Hannah flew to Jupiter to be by Tyler’s side during his time of need and mourning, and after only one week apart, Hannah returned to Tyler’s hometown to wait out the coronavirus.

Many The Bachelorette fans have been shipping Hannah and Tyler and hoping they get back together, but sources have claimed for nearly a month they have a strictly platonic relationship.

Hannah selected Jed Wyatt as the winner of her heart over Tyler on The Bachelorette last year at the Final Rose Ceremony, but the former beauty pageant queen broke up with Jed five weeks after they got engaged because he had lied about having a girlfriend back home in Nashville during filming.

On The Bachelorette’s live reunion special in late July 2019, Hannah asked Tyler out on a date, which resulted in the pair spending one night together in Los Angeles, CA, in early August.

However, the pair didn’t rekindle their romance because Tyler appeared to set his sights on supermodel Gigi Hadid instead, and then he moved away from his parents to New York City to pursue modeling.

Tyler and Gigi’s romance only lasted a couple of months, and then he had a fling with Kylie Jenner’s best friend Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolaou.

An eyewitness also told Us last month the chemistry between Hannah and Tyler was still obvious even though they’ve insisted they’re just pals.