Victoria Fuller: 14 things to know about ‘The Bachelor’ bachelorette Victoria Fuller, PLUS Photo Gallery

Victoria Fuller is hoping to receive a rose after enjoying a Fantasy Suite date with Peter Weber.

Victoria F. is a 25-year-old medical sales representative from Virginia Beach, VA.

Victoria is one of Peter’s remaining three bachelorettes on The Bachelor, which is heading into The Bachelor: The Women Tell All episode on Monday, March 2 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

Victoria and Peter didn’t have an easy road to love on The Bachelor’s 24th season. They seemed to bicker more than they had fun together, and Peter never even met the bachelorette’s family.

But everything changed when the couple had a perfect evening together in Australia for Peter’s round of overnight Fantasy Suite dates.

Peter and Victoria fell in love with each other in Australia, but Peter also admitted he was in love with Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett as well.

Did Victoria end up winning Peter’s heart or will the Bachelor send her packing in third or second place?

Until we can watch how Peter and Victoria’s relationship ends — or whether it’s just beginning — let’s learn more about this bachelorette right now.

Below is a list of fourteen facts Reality TV World has compiled about Victoria Fuller.

Victoria Fuller struggles to open up

Victoria F. admits it’s hard for her to know someone likes her unless he expresses it verbally, but it appears Peter has a way with words so far on his season.

Chris Harrison has defended Peter’s relationship with Victoria

Chris Harrison said it’s not surprising Peter chose to stay in his “volatile” relationship with Victoria F. on The Bachelor in an interview with Us Weekly.

“Where there’s passion, there’s chemistry, but it’s so volatile,” Chris explained.

“And from the outside looking in, you think, ‘What do you do? What are you doing?’ It’s so clear… When you’re in those relationships. It’s really a lot easier said than done to just walk away,” Chris insisted.

“If you’ve ever been in those relationships, the magnetic draw — and I’ve been in it! I’ve been in a relationship exactly like it as well, and I stayed and I went back and I stayed, went back and I made those same mistakes.”

Victoria is a Virginia girl

Victoria F. has lived in Virginia Beach her entire life and is very tied into her local community.

Victoria dated singer Chase Rice

The Bachelor bachelorette, who is a big fan of country music, previously dated country singer Chase Rice.

According to Chase, he felt duped by The Bachelor producers because when he had signed up to perform on the show, he never thought he’d have to serenade Peter and his ex, Victoria.

“They set everybody up. Here’s my thing: I didn’t sign up for that. That’s my problem with it… I don’t need to be a part of that,” Chase told The Morning Toast hosts Jackie Oshry and Claudia Oshry at the CMA Awards in November 2019.

Peter’s ex Merissa Pence was friends with Victoria

Peter’s ex-girlfriend, Merissa Pence — who dated Peter for five months in 2012 — used to be friends with Victoria and opened up to Us Weekly about their history. Merissa met Victoria through mutual friends.

“We became friends when I moved back from Los Angeles about three years ago,” Merissa told Us.

“Our first encounter was that she told me she was going to slash my tires because I was hanging out with one of her ex-boyfriends.”

Although they didn’t hit it off, the girls continued to bump into each other given they’re in the same social circle.

Once Victoria was cast on The Bachelor, Merissa claimed Victoria changed.

“[Victoria] became a very self-centered person and we were all out for our friend’s birthday and she was just acting crazy. Just wanting all the attention and it was very distasteful,” Merissa told Us.

“She’s like, ‘Do you know who I am?’ And I was just like, ‘Where is this coming from?’ So that just really rubbed me the wrong way. And from then on… I told our mutual friend, I was like, ‘Look, I’m never going to hang out with her again. She’s crazy. She literally has no respect for anybody around her and I just don’t want to be associated with that.'”

Victoria allegedly broke up four marriages

Merissa claims Victoria F. has broken up four marriages.

Victoria allegedly had affairs with the married husbands of several Virginia Beach women she knows and was friends with.

“It kind of started becoming a trend… One of the other wives actually confronted me when I was at a bar in Virginia Beach and I didn’t know that that’s who she was until after the fact,” Merissa told Us.

“And she was like, ‘I just want to thank you so much [for warning Peter about Victoria F]. You took on a huge burden that a lot of us couldn’t take on because of other reasons.'”

Victoria is family-oriented

The most important woman in Victoria’s life is her dear grandmother.

The Bachelor bachelorette says she’s looking for true love

Victoria F. says she wants to find a man who will love her unconditionally through the good, the bad and the ugly.

Victoria goes through “everything” on The Bachelor

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison teased in a Facebook live video on The Bachelor’s official Facebook page Victoria F. “is the most everything” when it comes to superlatives.

According to Chris, “passionate would be an understatement” for her and he’s never seen a bachelorette go through as much as Victoria F. did during filming.

“Everything you could go through, she goes through on this show,” Chris said. “In a weird way, everything that happened was also a Bachelor first. It was really bizarre.”

Merissa thinks Victoria is putting on an act

Merissa told Us if there’s a guy Victoria wants, she calls dibs.

“There is a one-way street there and nobody else is getting involved. She just thinks that the world revolves around her and she’s the hottest thing that’s ever hit this planet,” Merissa said.

“And actually the most disturbing thing so far of all of this was the lingerie episode that she just acted like she was this coy person. The people in Virginia Beach are even seeing that that’s not you at all. You’re always the one in the bar wanting attention.”

A sense of humor is important to Victoria

Victoria F. is looking for a guy that can make her laugh and melt her heart.

She also loves a man who is in touch with his feelings and isn’t afraid to cry in public.

Controversy seems to follow Victoria

When Victoria won the Cosmopolitan photo-shoot group date on The Bachelor, editor-in-chief Jessica Pels told the bachelorette she and Peter would be gracing the cover of the magazine’s March digital issue.

However, the cover photo will not be published after all because Victoria F. has Instagram photos showing she had modeled “Marlin Lives Matter” merchandise created by White Marlin Marina, a Maryland marina.

The merchandise promoted conservation awareness of marlin fish in 2016, USA Today reported, and featured T-shirts that read “White Lives Matter” for white marlin and “Blue Lives Matter” for blue marlin.

Jessica said representing the “White Lives Matter” slogan is “problematic” because she believes it’s rooted in racism and says Cosmo stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Victoria apologized for the White Lives Matter photos

Victoria addressed her controversial marlin campaign photo shoot in January on Instagram in the comments section of a post that showed her bio and photo on an account called Bachelor Clues.

“Hello bachelor clues & followers! It would be nice for you to gather all the facts before jumping to bash someone. The company ‘We Love Marlins’ is in support of catching white, blue, & black marlins & releasing them back into the wild,” Victoria wrote, according to Us Weekly.

“In regards to a sensitive topic, I come from a very diverse background & am in support of all races! Virginia Beach is a VERY large fishing town where Marlin tournaments are held every year! Glad to clear this up.”

Victoria reportedly apologized for hurting anyone’s feelings and added, “I definitely see how this could be offensive. I apologize immensely it was never my intention to lessen this matter.”

Victoria found a new passion

Victoria took up running recently when she was looking for an outlet to clear her head.

She’s now a member of the North End Run Club, saying it’s a community of people who lift others up and encourage them to be their best selves.

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