What Happened To Justin Bieber Leaving Hailey Baldwin While Pregnant?

Last year, a tabloid claimed that Justin Bieber walked out on Hailey Baldwin despite the model supposedly being pregnant at the time. Gossip Cop debunked the phony account at the time. Now, 365 days later, it’s clear to see the outlet was way off-base with its allegations.

On April 24, 2019, OK! ran the headline “Hailey: Pregnant & Alone” with an accompanying article asserting that Bieber and Baldwin were headed for divorce. The publication also insisted that the model was three months pregnant. “The word is that they recently got into a terrible fight — and Justin walked out and ended things for good. The whole thing is a mess and is putting a damper on parenthood,” a supposed insider told the outlet.

The so-called source continued, “The drama is endless. They constantly clash and argue over the smallest things. The fighting has torn them apart — and Justin’s frequent mood swings and public meltdowns haven’t made things any easier.” The bogus outlet stated that Justin Bieber walked out on Hailey Baldwin because she spent the night with her friends, which he supposedly confronted her about.

The article then switched its tone by stating that the couple could work on their alleged issues. “Knowing Justin, he could still change his mind and apologize to Hailey for walking out and beg her to give their marriage another shot,” the dubious insider said.

This never happened. Bieber did not walk out on Baldwin, and she was not expecting. Since the article came out a year ago, the baby would’ve been born by now. Additionally, Gossip Cop checked with a rep for Bieber, who assured us every aspect of the publication’s story was fabricated. Furthermore, the couple’s relationship has been going strong since they got married.

This wasn’t surprising since OK! has been wrong about the spouses before. In February 2019, Gossip Cop busted the unreliable magazine for falsely claiming that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were divorcing because of Selena Gomez. The bogus narrative asserted that Baldwin decided to “pull the plug” on her marriage to Justin “after learning that he’s gone crawling back” to Gomez. The whole account was made-up. Gossip Cop checked with our impeccable spokesperson for Bieber, who told us the story was complete nonsense.

A week before this story came out, Gossip Cop busted OK! for incorrectly reporting that Bieber’s mother, Patti Mallette, was living with Beiber and Baldwin. The bogus tabloid contended that Mallette’s presence was “annoying” Baldwin and Mallette had “taken over the house.” We investigated the suspicious story and found no truth to it. Gossip Cop corrected the false tale at the time. OK! has no real insight on the couple, past or present.