Why Kane Brown Got Rejected By Country Radio Stations

Kane Brown is a popular country singer whose voice and talents have taken him far. But when it came to the early stages of his career, the singer had a unique way of getting started. Brown got his start like most artists out these days — through social media. The singer began getting notoriety by posting covers of songs on his Facebook page. It wasn’t long before Brown became a signed artist. Now, Kane Brown is dominating the Billboard charts, but the singer had to create his own lane in the country music word.

Kane Brown had a tough path to fame
Even though Brown was a popular commodity on social media, it didn’t necessarily guarantee him an easy way into the industry. After the success of his song, “Used to Love You Sober”, Brown’s artistry became widely recognized. But he did not receive a lot of support from country radio. Why was that? Country music historian Bob Oermann told The Tennessean that he thought it could’ve been Brown’s social media fame that was the cause of it. Oermann also thought that Brown not visiting radio shows like other artists may have impacted the support, but Brown’s race was also brought into question.

Kane Brown is of mixed ethnicity — his mother is European-American and his father is African-American. While Oermann did note that artists of color didn’t have much success in country music, Brown has dealt with racism in other ways his whole life. “Color does matter, even though people don’t see it. I’ve lived it my whole life. It’s just what I know,” Brown stated.

He refused to let it get in his way
Despite this, Brown didn’t let this stop him from continuing his path to pursuing music.

“I always look at it like, ‘Stuff happens for a reason,’” Brown said. He continued, “I feel like God put me in places in life to learn, and it was getting me ready for now. Now I get to tell it, and show people what’s wrong and what’s right.”

The singer has convinced millions with his touching lyrics. He’s even used his experiences during his childhood as inspiration for song lyrics. “When I was 6 years old, I kinda wet the bed. My stepdad came in and nearly beat me to death,” Kane recalled. This led to the creation of his song, “Learning”.

Brown also said that he wanted to prove the critics wrong. “I just want people to know that I’m a good person, and I’m not a thug like everybody thinks I am. I feel like I have my loved ones, but I have a lot of haters, too,” the country star said. Kane Brown definitely accomplished this, and he’s now one of the most celebrated country artists out today!