Why Shawn Mendes Is Such A Big Fan Of BTS

Shawn Mendes and BTS are both massively popular musicians in entertainment and on social media. Mendes initially rose to fame after posting several covers on Vine before releasing his first EP. The Canadian singer’s studio album solidified his stardom and his singles following this held the number one spot on the billboard charts. BTS gained a huge following after forming their group in 2010. The Korean boy band has millions of international fans due to their powerful messages in their songs that tackle self-love, mental health, and individualism.

While it’s easy to see why fans across the world follow these artists, it’s even more inspiring to see them admire each other as well.

Shawn Mendes has a lot of love for BTS

In March 2018, Mendes confessed his love for the Korean pop-group. Mendes met BTS for the first time at the AMAs and was unsure the group would even know who he was. He said that the moment was nonetheless amazing.

During an interview with Radio Disney, the singer explained more about his fandom for the group. “Of course I love BTS. I’m, like, obsessed with watching the videos of them dancing,” Mendes explained. The singer was extremely excited about the possibility of working with the group in the future.

That June, Shawn Mendes spoke again about the possibility of working with the boy band but noted that the group had a full schedule. “They’re busy people. I have no lyrics on their collaboration yet. It’ll happen. Promise. I can’t give you a date because we haven’t hung out and wrote a song yet, but it will happen. ‘Cause I love them, and I think they’re fans, too. So I promise,” Mendes said at the time.

Only time will tell when the BTS collab is coming

In September 2018, Shawn Mendes was coy to confirm a collaboration between himself and BTS, but he reiterated that he hadn’t met with the band yet. He was hopeful that it would happen in the future. “We never started a song, but considering I’ve seen many interviews where they’ve been asked about this and I’m sure they’ve seen about me. We want to work with each other, but yeah, they’re also traveling the world at this crazy speed,” Mendes stated.

BTS has give their fair share of praise to Mendes, citing him as their inspiration and even a friend. The group also wanted to work with the singer in the future and consider themselves fans of his work. Here’s to hoping that the collaboration between the artists happens soon!